Maná - Hasta que te conocí (English translation)

English translation

Until I Met You

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I didn't know about sorrows,
nor tears, nothing
that would make me cry...
I knew about affection,
about tenderness...
Because since I was a child,
mom has taught me that...
mom has taught me that...
That and much more things...
I had never suffered, I had never cried,
I was very happy,
I lived very well...
Until... I met you...
I saw life with pain.
I don't lie to you - I was happy,
But with so little love...
And too late I understood,
that I shouldn't have loved you...
because now I think about you,
more than yesterday, much more.
Ah... ah...
Ah... ah...
Ah... ah...
And now I want you to tell me
if it was worth it or not
having met you
because I believe you no more.
And it was because you were so bad
yeah, so bad with me,
that's why I don't love you,
I want to see you no more!
Go! Go!
Go, get out of my misery
Go, I do not love you!
I want to see you no more!
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Hasta que te conocí

Sciera    Tue, 27/05/2014 - 11:24

Mostly a good translation.
It would be easier to read if you'd format it in the same way as the original lyrics. And the last paragraphs seem to be missing.
I suppose the lyrics were updated since you added the translation.

Well, there are some grammar mistakes in it, though:

"Because since child,"
That needs to be either "Because since childhood" or "Because since I was a child"

"Mom have taught me that, Mom have taught me that,"
It must be "has taught", and here simple past fits better (only "taught").

"Yo vivía tan distinto,
algo hermoso, algo divino,
lleno de felicidad,"
I think a more literal translation would be
"I lived something so different,
something gorgeous, something wonderful,
full of happiness."

amaitox360    Wed, 12/08/2015 - 06:58

Thank you so much! I have already made the corrections! Sorry about the late reply! Teeth smile