Have cabin fever

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Have cabin fever (English) — An irritability, listlessness, and similar symptoms resulting from confinement and monotony for an extended time (a long rain) or from long confinements or isolation indoors during a long winter and its weather.

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Have cabin fever — иметь повышенную раздражительность, вызванную длительным пребыванием в одиночестве или взаперти.

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Translations of "Have cabin fever"

EnglishJumping/Bouncing off the walls
EnglishGoing stir crazy

"Have cabin fever" in lyrics

Breathing is hard for you
and you have cabin fever
don't give up, go forward
take the chance

Thomas Godoj - What life sounds like

As I once again see the test pattern,
I have cabin fever.
I struggle through my rubbish(my possessions)
run out of the house like so often.

Die Toten Hosen - Test pattern