Have words

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Have words (English) — To argue, to have an argument with someone. To speak sternly, angrily, or in an argumentative manner to someone. This may be loud and obnoxious.
This does not necessarily mean yelling, shouting, or loss of temper. If I am your supervisor I may have words with you. It may be in a stern, even-tempered manner with little dialogue. If I ask for your input then we have conversed and 'had words'.

English, explained by Ww Ww on Sun, 03/12/2017 - 23:08

Have words — Εμείς θα τα λέμε

Greek, explained by Guest on Mon, 04/12/2017 - 21:06

Have words — побраниться; крупно поговорить; поссориться с кем-л.

Russian, explained by St. Sol on Sun, 02/09/2018 - 02:45

"Have words" in lyrics


R.K.M & Ken-Y - Down

i do not have words to say for you
Only few rebuke
Maybe they will also melt if i know
that you are happy
people say that 'if eye does not see heart going to suffer'
its enough if i can be far from this suffering

Murat Dalkılıç - what to do with istanbul

The farmers of Våge, Lessøe and Lom,
with sharpened axes shouldered,
At Bredebøjg together came,
with the Scot, they would have words.

- Up before the break of day,

Týr - Sinclair’s ballad

I want to speak to your heart
Gentle like the snow
Even the silences, you know
Have words
After the rain and the cold
Beyond the stars and the sky

Giorgia - Of Sun And Of Sky Blue

But not very nicely
We couldn't find a pulse* so you left
Still, I will miss it
And though I don't have words, I understood everything
I tucked in our sheets
And I woke up from the dream, I am sorry I slept

SEREBRO - Confused

Here under the same cover
we've got seas, we've got soils
we have words of which might keeps everything still
days go by, weeks roll by
I draw a mark in my almanac

Nopsajalka - I Promise To Be

Won’t return, never

Now, what can i say?
If i don’t have words anymore
I need to die to understand that it’s for you that my soul puts out
Now, what can i say?

Jennifer Lopez - Why are you leaving

When you scream, i scream lauder
It seems that i like to see you specially when it hurts
This is love and hate
I don't have words when this peace screams!
It hits bad say what you've to say
I'm still here, because i can bring them

Grasu XXL - Deja Vu

(My heart) Keeps burning
My heart keeps crying blood
You have left your sin at me
You have words (here) that you forgot when you left
Blow wherever you want
Wherever you loved most

Mustafa Ceceli - Blow

But love flies away from the palaces,
you're bringing the weddings to somebody else.
You forgot me since long ago
and if you meet me you don't have words.
I'm bringing you two groups of musicians,
so that my old desire doesn't bother me

Karolina Gočeva - Two Liras

Goodbye friend, it's hard for me to speak.
Everyday that passes, it's harder.
I want to tell you many things,
The pain is big, I don't have words.

The tree is growing...

Sarit Hadad - Goodbye Friend

being your smile even your own breath
to be so closer to your mouth

Pardon me , if I don't have words to tell you the indescribable passion that is devoring me

To express my love ,just remains

Juan Fernando Velasco - The soul in the lips

not return again

Now what can I say?
If I no longer have words
I don't need to die to understand that it is for you that my soul goes out for
Now what can I say?

Jennifer Lopez - Porque Te Marchas

And in 5 minutes I lost
The letters to talk to you.

I know, I know that I don't have words
And I'm never going to have them
That's why I take advantage of this night

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Empty Glasses

That you have a boyfriend named Stres
I have cheated you and I have admitted that to you
And you forgave me
I don’t have words to say for you
Coz you are one in a million
They say that a word kills (always)


nor i live my life without you

my beloved,come there is a word you should hear
i have words to say to your heart
we live together the absence of passion
let me tell you the story of the sweetest love

Carole Samaha - Ya Azaby

You have killed me with a goodbye

Without you I won’t survive finally, patience
I will have words, gloomy eyes, patience
Without me tell where will you go, patience
Tell me what did I do and you abandon me, patience

Sarbel - Tough heart

The protagonists do not sing. They only hit the table with their hands.
The song itself does not have words, but it has a lot of rhythm. Watch the video!
Therefore, a translation is not necessary; comments, however, are welcome.

Cleary & Harding - We No Speak Americano [Rhythmic]

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
and she's always gone too long anytime she goes away

I dont have words to say it , the words lose their meaning
When you leave then the sun sets gets lost early
My mind is empty emptier than room

Nikos Aliagas - Ain't no sunshine

I have words I could not say
Could not hurt your beautiful heart.
There's something missing in us
Could not say we are distanced, stop
Maybe I too wanted it over.
Is there someone now crying after me

Demet Akalın - We Put Out the Burning Fire

We have words
To say takes time
Our time isn't wide
If they want, thay can be left in the lurch

Our hands are tied up

Duman - Your March

yeah yeah yeah
if u have words to say
say them and go in peace
that's too much on my heart

Aline Khalaf - Law andak Kalam

Are we going to say we are lovers ? ..We've already said that
Are we going to say our hearts are melted? .. We've already said that
Our love is the best thing, my love come lets live
I have words inside of me that wont be enough
Are we going to say we are lovers ? ..We've already said that
We will say everything tonight...We've already said that

Moustafa Amar - We're Still Lovers

A step back - and I already know
That I was not right and I don't have words any more
Which move the sun.

Negramaro - A Step Back

I agree that very few times I tell you things you want to hear
how much I like you how much I love you're all for me
If you knew that I get mad when I caress you, I don't know what to say
I don't have words, you leave me without wings if I have you near me

You are the soul that gives me the best life that I have

Luis Coronel - thousands of "I love you"

I won’t have words
'Cause I know you’ll just throw them
I won’t have words
'Cause by the time that I do you’ll be

Melody Gardot - Gone

If (it happened so) you have my thoughts
And i have your charms
If you have words of mine
If I have you and vica versa

Okean Elzy - It's almost spring

I have your heart beating, hammering
I have images who persist
I have words hitting and resounding
In my body and in my mind

France Gall - Babacar

And the farmers of Våge, Lessøe and Lom,
with sharpened axes shouldered,
at Bredebøjgd they gathered;
with the Scot, they would have words.

And the rifle no longer hangs on the wall,

Valravn - Lord Sinclair

you simply laid down beside me
and spread over me like wide sea
i dont have words to tell you how much i would give you
i dont have words to tell you thank you
a song in my soul always fixed you
i dont owe you many songs of me

Despina Olympiou - i dont have words

"I have words (to say), I couldn't say
I couldn't hurt your lovely heart
There are some things missing among us
We grew apart, I couldn't stop it
Maybe I wanted it to be over as well
Is there someone now crying behind me?

Demet Akalın - we damped the fire

How do I begin to speak shamelessly?
I have tears
I don't have words to explain.

Give, if you have handkerchief next you.

Vega (Turkey) - handkerchief

They're meaningless and all that's true

Poets, priests and poiticians
Have words to thank for their positions
Words that scream for your submission
And no one's jamming their transmission

The Police - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

Dont cacth my arms
dont kiss my hurt
İ take it from your father
Had eyes, did not have words
Stood still deep in my arms
she hands had always been there

Can Bonomo - Deeply

What can I say, I don't have words
so that you can understand all that I feel
How can I explain to you, what's on my mind
What I have in my soul, is very heavy
But you know too well, what I feel for you

Class - Come closer

i want to hear your voice
under this sad moon
i want to hear your voice
because i have words i want to tell you.

i pray to the cant be seen tomorrow, to be able to heal this, so im singing because believing is also important.everybody feels pain, even so they still go on living.because you are there for me, because you smile by my side.

Calmando Qual - without title

I wanna be your man baby

Oh lady don’t leave already, give me some more time
My lady, I still have words to say
Don’t say “Do it tomorrow,” give me your love
My lady I say yo,I say yo woah oh oh

Big Bang - Lady

We can see that the new year has come

Firs have adorned,
They have words to say
Now let to everybody know that
The new year has come, the new year has come

Elnara - The New Year Has Come

that I prefer to die.

Without thinking of tomorrow, and sobbing standing up
I no longer have words,
I won't see you again
ever more.

Pedro Suárez-Vértiz - I didn't think it was love

Can I love you? I have something I want to say
But my lips are heavy and my heart has words that it couldn’t say even once

You’re getting farther away when I still have words I couldn’t say, my dear
Like a fool, I swallowed those words into my heart
Even though it hurts, I only want you

Kyuhyun - Just Once

But here we are, yeah
Lately I feel the haters eatin' away at my confidence
They scream out my failures and whisper my accomplishments
Bitches alter my messages like we have words
And stories 'bout my life hit the net like a bad serve
Bitter women I'm overtextin' are PMSing crazy this year

Drake - 6PM In New York

I have memories laughs at my pains
I have shameless feelings
Yes, fate always says the last words
But I have words to say too

Funda Arar - Novel

Fate I would say, not to you
If I say, benefit doesn’t come to me
To an ignorant I don’t have words of that state
I cry oh oh [fn]there is no accurate translation of "yana yana", it can be an expression for exultation, or, like it is here, lamentation[/fn]

Betül Demir - I’m wounded

Because you have failed me and broke my soul
I see my life in the mirror and your reflection follows there
But I can't tell you anything
I already tried to scream and I don't have words
Who am I to judge you if I too have made you suffer?
You have turned into me

Christian Daniel - You Have Turned Into Me

i don't know what the next day brings, and where i will land at last
you are here today, and that's enough
to touch you to feel you you look at me i look at you
i don't have words to say to you, only a thanks sometimes
that you are next to me in these, miserable times
without ego and no retroactive

Stavento - Retroactive

Words to say before I sleep - Words to say before I...

These hills have riffs
These woods have words so deep they're buried in them
I cross my heart and hope to live
Pray all is forgiven

My Ruin - Hour Of The Wolf

(Follow me, oh oh o-oh o-oh)
(Follow me, oh oh o-oh o-oh)

In my dreams, I have words
That can ease every pain
I have songs that can heal the world

Krisia Todorova - Not the Only One

That we have lost
And for the things we denied
But nothing is so clear
And we have words to fear
Which we said all the time
But never meant to say

Lacrimas Profundere - Words

And it's hurts so bad, worse
Why father, why can't you ask anything?
And it's hurts so bad, worse
When you only have words but not money for your eldest daughter

If you want to give me, give me, if you want to give me

Lora - Head up!

You are whom I love
You are my desire
I don't have words
to show you what I feel.
Though I should wich to paint

Annette Moreno - The Love Reached Me

He had his eyes on me, like he was looking in for more
I didn't have words to speak as I sat there on the floor
He said he had all the time he said he had no where else to be
Just felt so nice to have someone wait on me

Ayla Brown - Forward

How, how to say, just so that you'd understnad
How to understand, myself
I don't, I don't have words, how to fix
What's missing inside of me

Shiri Maimon - Dilemma

I don't have any fears anymore
Take me with you
tonight 'cause
I don't have words anymore

Will you take

Levante - Until Death Do Us Part

I want to be with you.
Not remembering what you did before.
How much more to wait.
I do not have words.
I want to hug you.
Not remembering what you did before.

Nyusha - I want to love you

No matter no much I live the color of your heart
I cannot paint myself with you

I don't have words for you
But I can't stay here
I'm hitting new roads, new cities

Mustafa Ceceli - I Can't Look For Words

[Verse 2:]
You don't have to relate to me
You don't have to have hate for me
You don't have words to say to me
You don't even have to pray for me
Do you

Sik Kid - Broken Wings

this is the order of things.

He brings bouquets every day
he doesn't have words for the mum
his kisses are the sweetest
so I ask him again

Violetta Villas - The time for this will come

[Verse 1]
it's time for me to make maquette* for my tomorrow
i'll go further instead of keeping quiet
i'll keep going till i have words to say
a volcano won't be extinguished by snow
i was crushed when i supposed to blossom

Yas - Barcode

I don't have any word of peace anymore, no mister
And no coins hidden, no mister
I don't have words of peace anymore for your war
and no coins hidden in the guitar.

Lorenzo Monguzzi - The Tempest

Like smoke!

I don't have words to stand up from under you
The speech is becoming heavier and heavier
Is it necessary to lose words

Illuminandi - The Rider

You are always the one who tells me to never give up and to be strong,
Like the rising sun!

Where are you right now? I have words still unspoken.
How can we fix the past, so that you will be with me again?
If love never came back again, this world will be meaningless to me,

Leon Lai - Words of Love Still Unspoken

I wanted to beat you already for a very long time,Don't think about leaving.
Say,Your eyes looking at me.
Don't shiver,Lift up your head.
If you have words to say go say it to the First Aid box,Don't blame me.

Jay Chou - Bullfight

For an eternity
And I don't like this...

How can you never have words to answer?
What are you doing?
You don't move...

Nek - The Half of Nothing

(And someday it dies)

If you're here, by my side
And, and... You no longer have words that
That tell, tell, tell, tell

Fabrizio Moro - The Complicity

And whom can I bring so that they would tell you
Of the flames of my passion and love

I have words for you
That are sweeter than the most beautiful novel
words about the most beautiful love

Mohammed Abdel Wahab - Tell me What it did to You

if you let me, I want to love you.

I carry you in my heart, nailed to my soul
I carry you within me, I can't put it into words<fn>lit. "I have words left over", many things left to say</fn>
I can't love you anymore than I do,
when you're not here I'm overcome by fear.

Entremares - I can't anymore*

I dance

I don't always have words
To answer these talkers
I have love for yours

Ayna (France) - Finally

Only your voice can be heard slowly

You repeat everthing
You don't have words
If living is to love
Your eyes do not see the beauty

İlhan İrem - Echoes

It's not that I don't have words to say
I just don't want to be the one that speaks them
I'd rather keep it secret until we reach it
So I'll rest my head on the glory of this sorrow
I know it's hard to swallow, but tomorrow
We'll start new

Flatsound - Don't Call Me at All

You know I won't desert you
I'm sorry but I can't let go

I don't have words to say
We could work it out or walk away
I can't fool myself without you

Robin Gibb - Sorry

Of white foam, that the absent send it.
My land, my mother, of two seas.

Today, I no longer have words.
The most beautiful ones, were already forgotten.
Curos and so many poets, sang the arias

Juan Pardo - My mother, of two seas

And of things of great beauty
As we would be born with wings
It would not be complicated
We’d have words that strike and pierce through
The traitors and the liars
But we make little songs for profit

Francis Cabrel - Great people

In my bags, I have words from my life before
And slaps that get lost
I wasted time
You talk to me
And the sky opens up in front

Lorie Pester - Love Differently

Yell, yell loud, yell fearless
may your yell have words of love
Yell, yell loud, yell fearless
may your yell have words of love

Be yourself, even if you're little

Palito Ortega - Yell loud

Your cold eyes and words are the spoiler
In your every action, I see our end
I tell myself it’s not true but I feel the spoiler
Should I watch till the end? Or should I leave now?
What if there’s a twist?

Epik High - Spoiler