Un pinguino en mi ascensor - He-man y Barbie (English translation)

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He-man and Barbie

You say I have bad reputation
that I'm evil and wicked
Barbie, pay no mind dear
I'm just an universe master
I'd tell that I'm crazy for you
but how do you want me to prove it
if the only thing you know about me
is that I worth 999
You need a hispanic macho
an old school man
and not that disgraceful american
that the makers pulled on
Today I'll break the wrapping
that blocks our love
let me be your Tenorio
scape with me please
Barbie get your best dress
I stole a remote-control car
we'll go on a trip
to the furniture plant
and among Mr Clean cases
I'll teach you what on TV is not seen
I'll teach you what on TV is not seen of me
I'll teach you what on TV can not be seen
Those Famobil1click fags
doesn't end with their foolishness
but I won't stay moveless
I'll tell it to Ramón Areces2
And despite my killing sword
and my very fierce look
I have goose bumps
when a kid looks at me and says: "I want it!"
My brother was bought by the son of a car driver
yesterday we buried him
the kidd wanted to play the skydiver
and threw him to the street from a sixth floor
Make up your mind soon girl
they reduced my price to 650
make your hollow head work
I'm seeing the clerk coming.
  • 1. A subsidiary of Playmobil in Spain
  • 2. Founder of the spanish departament store El Corte Ingles
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He-man y Barbie

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