Head to head

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Head to head (English) — Cara a cara, frente a frente

Portuguese, explained by Gustavo666 on Wed, 02/11/2016 - 23:38

Head to head — Ноздря в ноздрю

Russian, explained by O_K on Tue, 06/12/2016 - 04:32

Head to head — Cara a cara

Spanish, explained by Llegó Dolor Del Corazón on Sun, 23/10/2016 - 17:54

Head to head — Cabeza a cabeza

Spanish, explained by Llegó Dolor Del Corazón on Sun, 23/10/2016 - 17:55

"Head to head" in lyrics

Because what you are is rhyme with regret
As far I'm concerned, I'll only have those who remain forever

Head to head you defeated me just on time
And when you came back
You weren't the same

Cœur de pirate - Together

I wanna be your marionette, marionette, marionette
I wanna be your marionette, marionette, marionette

Lying head to head and toe to toe
And we’re body to body
I feel you beside me

Antonia - Marionette

the nights is dark
nightmares is on me
again im head to head with my troubles
your eyes doesnt call
your words doenst console

Hülya Avşar - Hülya Avşar

Numbers are dancing
Everything gets confused
I am head to head with an angel

in weightlessness

Shy'm - In weightlessness

so soon it will be 8 o'clock
i was about to search
where i met you head to head (alone:just you and me)
you're always late,you're looking beautiful for me
and as usual ,i wait for you downstairs

Amine (France) - just one yes

Haiti is a collective of farmers who get together to work the land
It’s the women street vendors descending down the city
To go fight the hard life head to head
Haiti is a little kid that’s dreaming of a bright future
It’s the dirty water from sewer streams that doesn't quite know where it’s going

Mikaben - Haiti is

I'm done for, I'm not tired
4 hours before going to work
Every night's the same
I'm head-to-head with my thoughts
I've tried everything but nothing sends me to sleep
Nothing sends me to sleep

Willy William - We fall asleep

Numbers are dancing
Everything gets confused
I am head to head with an angel

Calogero - in weightlessness

All day we fought the tides between the North Head and the South;
All day we hauled the frozen sheets, and got no further forth;
All day as cold as charity, in bitter pain and dread,
For very life and nature we tacked from head to head.

We gave the South a wider berth, for there the tide-race roared;

Sting - Christmas at sea

Careless, hard-hearted
Tell me what can I do without you now
Me head to head with hurts
You leaved why

Doğuş - gamsiz

My roots, they are deep in the ground here

In the inner court some new kids are playing
Stone, paper and scissors, head to head
Where might you be now, when you don't live in this neighbourhood

Antti Tuisku - Roots

she comes and goes indifferently
with her eyes hidden behind the glass
you value each and every looks (she gives you) (lit. each look is expensive)
when we pass each other on the street, head to head
from your anger you yell, you call me (quan ti: as in call my name, not yell which is therras or bertet) (emrin e kam: my name is... or you can say: me quajn: they call me...)
mommy's girl

Anila Mimani - Mother's little girl

Have a night life,
Have a night life.

Head to head,
Gun to gun,
Now we're gonna,

Lana Del Rey - Come When You Call Me America

I'm just waiting for my chance to come,

Well it takes real guts to be alone,
Going head to head with the great unknown,
But there is no sweeter sound, on the kings round I'm bound,
And just waiting for your chance to come,

Noah & The Whale - Waiting For My Chance to Come

Only our traces are left behind
Plans are drawn up on the comet
Life is a game of chess
It's for my destiny in head-to-head combat that I'll cry tears of gold

Plugged into the chair, 2500 volts

Kyo - Born To Kiss

People you see, people you love
Where's your brother and friend

Head to head
We're scattered in this world
One to another

Erkin Koray - On Your Own

If it's too much for you to take,
Then save yourself and walk away
'Cause we can't stand on shaken stone
Head to head, two hearts alone
We've got nothing else to hold,
But it don't make it right.

Kwabs - Forgiven

Come and lay your bones down

I'm not tryna play the victim,
don't wanna go head to head
But boy I shouldn't have to stand in the mirror
convincing myself I'm fair

Rebecca Ferguson - Bones

give me a minute, camera, I'll bring Bar Zohar
20 inches on the ML, LV on my foot
hate me, abhor me, s*ck it you dumb*ss
what you want, to go head to head with me
playing it like the man
I see in your eyes you are soft like Gerber

Subliminal - Mind commando

We're going head to head
Can you handle it?
I'm bleeding till the last man standing
We're going head to head
Can you handle it?
I'm taking you down

Pop Evil - Last Man Standing

The body gives birth for the last time,
The bowls full of fat and brains,
From God's temple and the Devil's lair,
Head to head on the bare floor:
Paradise and the Fall of Man,
The rest are in buckets of nothing but stillborns,

OOMPH! - Born to Die

We already were two birds
Who migrated no matter where

Since you're head to head...

Ofra Haza - Let Us Talk

You better run,
You better run,

Head to head,
You better run,
You better run,

Viktoria Modesta - Counterflow

Nicky, Nicky, Nicky Jam
Quién te besará = Who will kiss you
Mi nena de pies a la cabeza = My baby from feet to head
A la cabeza, a la cabeza, a la cabeza = To head, to head, to head
Quien te hará el café = Who will make you coffee
Por la mañana = In the morning

Maná - From feet to head


[Verse 2]
Toe to toe and head to head
Sweating bullets, I am sure
About to raise the stakes again

Alyson Stoner - Woman

Take my life and go away, keep the change

My autumn never ends
Fall head to head my leaves
Write your name on all of the things which I forgot.
After that gather me from where I fell

Gripin - Don't wear me out

When I awake, I know that I have to be tough.

ZLY:I hid in the dark side.
Now, I go head-to-head.

I don't believe in fate.

Zhao Liying - Guarding