Head over heels

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Head over heels (English) — Të jesh në dashuri me diken apo diçka.

Albanian, explained by Albaniana on Mon, 29/05/2017 - 23:09

Head over heels — To be madly in love with someone/something

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Head over heels — Perdutamente, follemente.
I fell head over heels in love with that boy = Mi sono innamorata follemente (perdutamente) di quel ragazzo.

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Translations of "Head over heels"

AzerbaijaniDəli kimi aşiq olmaq
FrenchFou amoureux
GermanHals über Kopf
GreekΉρθαν όλα ανάποδα
Italianinnamorato cotto
MalayMabuk Kepayang
Polishna łeb, na szyję
TurkishÇılgın aşık

"Head over heels" in lyrics

the light of the day

When we exchange glances,
head over heels into each other,
we can hear two rivers wooshing
inside of us, red and loud.

Eisblume - Forever

Valley girls giving
Blow jobs for Louboutins
What do you call that?
Head over heels

[REPEAT 4x:]

Iggy Azalea - Work

I'll be there and you'll be near
And that's the deal my dear
Thereover, hereunder
You've got me head over heels
There's nothing left to fear
If you really feel the way I feel

Shakira - Whenever, Wherever

I don't want to think about it any more
And the sea is pulsating below me
I feel my heart vibrate
I jump head over heels right into life
And I lean back
Featherlight, full of happiness

Helene Fischer - So Can Life Be

Her name flies after me, it pulls me in like a magnet.
I haven't slept for five days.
I think I'll go crazy.
I'm falling head over heels and it's all because of her!

Na-na-na-na. Na-na-na-na-na.

Sergey Lazarev - It's All Her

Invite all babes for a ride through the park
Have you already planned something for today? chicks like my humor
I'm engineer for dredger technics, flirt with them, lay a pipe (anbaggern is flirting while baggern is dredging)
But then she comes, I am lost, in love head over heels
I wave, she doesn't wave, I wish I was never born

Peter Fox - Zucker

Baby I’m falling head over heels
Looking for ways to let you know just how I feel
Wish I was holding you by my side
I wouldn't change a thing cause finally it's real

Trying to hold back you oughta know that

While You Were Sleeping (OST) - It's You

Perchance; devil beguiles and you say 'yes' to my love. No dice? Perchance..
Perchance; time freezes and.. stay with me forever. Perchance..
Perchance; you fall head over heels in love..
You don't give a chance but it happens.. No dice? Perchance..

Mehmet Erdem - Perchance..

So true, funny how it seems,
Always in time, but never in line for dreams,
Head over heels, when toe to toe,
This is the sound of my soul,
This is the sound...

Spandau Ballet - True

I'm used to come to end but,
The heart again wants to hang on.
If it can undress for its rains,
It again loves you head over heels.

Hold my hand hug me tight

Gökhan Tepe - Promise

Part I

I was just 23, she was only 18
We were head over heels in love, it hurts so f*ing bad
I remember those times, I wanted to see the world
I wanted to have fun, wanted to count some money

Bushido - I am so sorry

They buy a tuque (knit hat) and a Kanuk (??)
Start looking around for igloos
And end up in a cabane à sucre (sugar cabin, usu. serves trad. Qué. food)
They fall head over heels in love
With our forests and our lakes
And they start to talk like us

Lynda Lemay - The Damned French (pun on "Maudits Anglais")

Yeah, all of these feelings inside.

'Cause I get weak in my knees,
Fall head over heels baby,
And every other cheesy cliché.
Oh, I'm swept off my feet,

Chester See - God Damn You're Beautiful To Me

And smear your lipstick 'cause I'm your "Papi"
And she says it's all mine, and free 2x

I'm head over heels for her
It's just that she's so beautiful
When she kisses me I float to the stars

Jadiel - Fashion Girl

Take on me (uh huh), you know inside you feel it right
Take me on, I could just die up in your arms tonight
I'm out with you, you got me head over heels
Boy, you keep me hanging on the way you make me feel!

Rihanna - SOS

And I can't find
the word to describe 
this emptiness that you fill in me
and you make me fall head over heels

You terrify (me)

Carla Morrison - Lovely Malice

When the music plays, she's my dancer
When I'm around her everything's faster
Every question I have, she's the answer
I'm head over heels
Can't explain it, it's so surreal
When I'm around you, baby, you make me feel like

Big Time Rush - Music Sounds Better With You

Unf*ckin'believable! Unf*ckin'believable!

Get out off my head!
Bare-feet, fall head over heels, with a hand-bag in a hand
Or WITHOUT a hand-bag - being light, being far
While I'm not yet running you over with a road roller

Splean - Прочь из моей головы

My crush has got to be the real thing
I love how good that I've been feeling
I'm dreaming head over heels and
Over my crush, my crush, my crush

China Anne McClain - My Crush

the mind is happy and I,
I will love you 'til the day I die

I'm head over heels goddess of mine
your curls touching my face and now I can fly
You brought my life back

Takida - Curly Sue

And I've planted a garden of happiness
To make my days more fun
And I've dreamt with sleeping between your legs
And I've left the dream head over heels

And I dipped your memories

Melendi - Lágrimas desordenadas

Something happens and I'm head over heels
I never find out till I'm head over heels
Something happens and I'm head over heels
Oh, don't take my heart, don't break my heart
Oh, don't, don't throw it away

Digital Daggers - Head Over Heels

Repeat *

***(But woman
is easily head over heels in love,
always stranded in love,
is eventually bogged down deeper and deeper.

Sandy Lam - Asking

You were dreaming about her
You've always waited for her
If it's a love story
You need to fall head over heels (for her)
And the words, trust me
There's no word for this

The Little Mermaid (OST) - Kiss her


When we moved to our place,
She was head over heels about me
She cooked my meals, did my laundry, fondled my body
I used to tell my jokes,

Vanessa da Mata - Ran away with a soap opera

There's no reason to hurry
Just start that brand new story
Set it alight, we're head over heels in love
Head over heels

The ringing of your laughter

Alphaville - Sounds Like A Melody

You gave my life a sense.
I was blind but because of you I can see the stars in the sky, now.
I look up and thank God for you existence.
I look at you and I am still head over heels in love with you.

This hole was really deep and except you, there was nobody else there.

Dame - Afraid of losing you

Some say she came from Paris some time ago
Some say she was a rich girl or even an empress
What is plain to see is that we're head over heels for her
The dancer, the storyteller , the bomb, the actress

Chayanne - Dance, dancer

that remains!

Heart and common sense
head over heels
with your head through the wall
for long we have not stood still.

Bakkushan - City Land River

Lovebug again

Now I'm hopeless
Head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I’d get hit
By this lovebug again

Jonas Brothers - Lovebug

In the itadaki mambo

That chest is Marilyn's - Paula drives me completely head over heels
When our eyes meet, I lose my mind
That figure walking along is the adorable Brigette

Tatsunoko Pro - Itadaki Mambo [The "I'll Have It" Mambo]

I'll fall head over heels in love with you
so that everybody can see and don't bother us

We are bound together in chains
Everyone is imperfect but you and me are perfect

Xaniar - I'll fall head over heels in love with you

She's extreme, if you know what I mean
(She's just one of those who always has to do whatever she please)
And she goes
Head over heels

ABBA - Head over Heels

I'm getting this trick
I keep running faster and faster
Nothing can stop me anymore
Gonna go head over heels
Gonna buy the world a drink
Where's up and down?

Revolverheld - My Life Is Great

You looked at me,
I looked at you,
I eyes met each other,
Falling head over heels on the patio,

(Give me rhythm)

Craig Conner - I'll look at you

I like her
She's gorgeous
I like her
I'm head over heels

Chorus x4

Gustavo Mioto - She doesn't like me

And how the fuck do you sleep comfortably
Knowing what you done did to me, huh?
Did it even occur to you that I loved you, huh?
Complete, madly, head over heels for you
Was you and me, wants us to be together forever
It was supposed to be us, but you crushed the dream

Eminem - Die Alone

I know in my heart to whom I belong.
This beautiful feeling it can’t be wrong.
I know.
Cause head over heels I’m falling for you.
And there’s nothing that I wouldn't do.
Or rather than give my love to you.

Bad Boys Blue - Can't Live Without You

I fastened my seat belt, yes
I got fucked up, yes
I fell head over heels in love, yes
I'm not even there, yes

HGich.T - Tutankhamun

And even if you call me now a softie
I love it when the heavens are full of violin players
And don't mention to me the reverses (of coins)
That doesn't be interesting for the ones who fell head over heels in love
Because everything is fresh and smells like pine forests
But then some time you walk smack into the minefields

Jan Delay - Little Miss Tiring

Do you already have something planned today? Brides get off on my humor,
[I] am [an] engineer for dredging machines, flirt around, lay a pipe,
[bagger = dredger, bagger an = to flirt]
But then she comes, I'm lost; in love head over heels,
I wave; she doesn't wave; I wish I was never born.

Peter Fox - Sugar

Where are you going? I'm going to be honest.
You're doing it wrong, you have to seduce me first.
Where are you going? I'm head over heels for you
Take care, boy, I'm going to find my sailor.

Jarabe de Palo - Where Are You Going?

Our heavenly father, bless my daily crisp bred, because this isn't what promised.
I can't afford to be a rapper 24 hours a day. Although Rähinä's logo is on my neck decorating my leather jacket.
Head over heels I walk my streets, when more likely the fire is burning underneath a pile of metal.
And I should be graiding(?) all the fucking time. Do you really think that there's some fucking mouse inside?
But I see this path brighter than ever. And only the ones that have died in war have seen the end of it.

Timo Pieni Huijaus - Strokes of luck

It kills me

On every love trail I have set foot on, it has grabbed me by the arm
When I was happily head over heels in love, it has ambushed me
Sometimes with my decision
Sometimes with a game of fate

Candan Erçetin - Loneliness

Is this how it feels?
Am I losing my mind?
Cause everyone keeps tryin' to save me.
I'm head over heels,
I can't get enough.
And I know people might call it crazy,

Anastacia - I Call It Love

I know all of my weaknesses, am attached to love
Can break with all my vices, become a devout vegan
Then I fell head over heels at the bill
For the payment of the Life Mastery Establishment Seminar

Maybebop - It's me

I do live days with you which nothing else prettier than it
like an angel.. it's the least word to tell
I love you head over eyes look at yours..ask them
life without you is difficult to imagine

Amr Diab - Living with you

just start that brand new story
set it alight
we're head over heels in love
head over heels

the ringing of your laughter

A Life Divided - Sounds Like A Melody

The best days of your

Life with me was a fairytale love
I was head over heels till you threw away us
And it's just too bad you've already had the best days
The best days of your life

Kellie Pickler - Best Days Of Your Life

So much too young
When you were mine
I rushed deadlines
Head over heels
Just like a child
When you were mine

Frank Duval - When you were mine

So True Funny How It Seems
Always In Time, But Never Line For Dreams.
Head Over Heels When Toe To Toe.
This Is The Sound Of My Soul, This Is The Sound.

Fergie - True

To know what it felt like
To let something take control
To live the expression
I'm head over heels this time
Unafraid to be open
And thinking I'd be just fine

Christina Aguilera - That's What Love Can Do

I ain't taking you to bed

Ahhh, baby let me buy your meals
I see you're head over heels
I feel like you deserve it
There's no pressure

Trevor Wesley - Chivalry Is Dead

It just doesn't rhyme it's not how it should be
It's like dancing.. dancing without music..

Like a head over heels with no heart in between
Like a bed just for sleeping if you know what I mean.. what I mean
It's like dancing.. dancing without music..!

Elena Paparizou - Dancing Without Music

because we´d be better off that way. [fn] The expression "Si hubieramos hecho (X) otro gallo nos cantaría" (lit. "If we´d done (X), another rooster would sing for us now" is used to describe a course of action that, if followed, would have yielded different, more positive results than the current state of affairs [/fn]
We try our lucks, we need to go for broke
I´m head over heels for you, for you.
I´m head over heels for you, oh yes.

I got love and friendship mixed up.

Amistades Peligrosas - I´m head over heels for you

Something happens and I'm head over heels.
I never find out till I'm head over heels.
Something happens and I'm head over heels.
Ah, don't take my heart, don't break my heart,
don't, don't, don't throw it away.

Tears for Fears - Head over Heels

And if my life is but a lost cause
I will leave free for having at least believed in it
Head over heels
Head over heels...

Grégory Lemarchal - Head over heels

You took me by surprise and
You stole my heart before I could say no

Falling head over heels
Thought I knew how it feels
But with you it's like the first day of my life

The Veronicas - Speechless

No one knows the borderline of the deep sea
Playing the bewitching lover chase
If you underestimate it, you'll go head over heels and fly away
An entwining thrill, charge
Deceptive as a cat in the night

Kugimiya Rie - SMOKY THRILL

I can't give you more!
After ten days do you know ..
That you look stupid (staying) next to her!
Head over heels for ten days,
What have I expected-(you) to be alone?
I opened my eyes after 10 days ..

Stefani - Head over heels

But I'm getting impatient girl

Baby I keep it real with you
I'm head over heels for you
So stop (stop) making me run around
Making me run around

Cody Simpson - Good As It Gets

Baby Maniacs!
I'm going to drown in this so hurry up and take me out
You know, I'm head over heels for you there's only one person reflected in these eyes of mine

Why are you so sensitive? What could you be unhappy about?

HachioujiP - Baby Maniacs

Glad that you called
head over heels
and relieved
thanks for asking

Blood music - Glad That You Called

god sent you to me
come and become the kind of my world

For you, I'm in love, I'm head over heels
by your side seeing a beautiful world go with me
let's go to the heaven that god created

Sarit Hadad - Inlove

from your lightning streak
Like a thunder flash, supersonic crash
He appears, you'll freeze
Knock your head over heels


Sweet - Rebel Rouser

I'm letting you go
I'm setting you free
I no longer love
Head over heels

Morning will come

Lykke Li - Just Like A Dream

[Verse 1]
He went down and he kissed it. This pink pussy no lipstick
More like lip gloss when its sticky. Ain't no bitch bossin like Iggy
Im gettin head with my shades on. He head over heels he way gone
Got his face looking all painted on. When he done gettin his taste on
But ain't no returnin the favor

Iggy Azalea - Down South

We both come from two different worlds.
And you don't wanna come around mine,
But what happened that night was the usual drill.
Head over heels, with ya head over heels.
How many times did I say I'm no good,
Girl even your friends know the deal.

Tinie Tempah - Just A Little

(I was ashamed)
I was ashamed,
Embarrassed to feel,
Though love was just fantasy,
(But now with you)

Pixie Lott - What U Do

I was just on the way to the town library,
when I lost my heart.
I saw you standing by the wayside with a book in your hand.
I fell in love immediately, head over heels.
"When can I see you again?" I asked.
Your answer was: "Hmm, preferably tonight."

Die Ärzte - You Want to Kiss Me

the heavens and earth have moved
I'm falling head over heels for you
Head over heels for you
I'm falling head over heels for you
oooo ohh I'm falling
mmmm I'm falling

Rascal Flatts - Head Over Heels

I know that we're moving too fast
But I can't let go and it may not last but
I'm going deeper, deeper head over heels
I go deeper, deeper
And I hope it's for real this time

The Saturdays - Deeper

Always feel tired facing myself

*I also need a companion who doesn't let my heart break
Let me fall head over heels in love without regret
In fact, I don't like what they said
That pricky, hard to comfort

Linda Wong - Don't ask who I am

I'm from here
I'm from here

Sometimes life turns head over heels
If you're loosing, turn the game around
If you're drinking, tip the glass down

MC Guimê - I came to stay

The baker's daughter from around the corner was quite a looker
She was the sex bomb of the neighborhood and was called Josefien
I was still young, head over heels I wrote her a sonnet
But she wasn't that poetic, she left with
A gentleman who traded in textile[fn]In the Netherlands wealthy textile manufacturers were called "textielbaronnen", barons of textile, and the word "heer", gentleman, refers to this nickname.[/fn]

Wim Sonneveld - Josefien

So tell me why can't
We just stay the same

Now I'm head over heels and breaking my back
Reaching for once last chance
Take it away with one last dance

The Vamps - Move My Way

It’s a fever that needs a cure

Is it you? Could it be? Is it true what I feel?
Am I head over heels or is it simply my mind playing tricks on me?

Now that I found love

Agnes Carlsson - Now that I found love

But I'm getting impatient girl

Baby I keep it real with you
I'm head over heels for you
So stop (stop) making me run around
Making me run around

Cody Simpson - As Good As It Gets

Eyes open wide
Don't know where I am
But I'm all for the ride
I'm head over heels
I can't tell my left from my right
I'm losing my way

John Paul Young - Lost İn Your Love

Feels like I tumbled from another world
Into your arms and it's so secure
Maybe I'll stumble but I know for sure
Head over heels I'm gonna be your girl

And now I'm falling for ya, falling for ya

Teen Beach (OST) - Falling For Ya

Are you crazy, what comes to your mind?
Not to be head over heels in love?
I'm a goddamn megastar
Nico KIZ, I make each one (line) clear

K.I.Z. - Crazy about you

I'm not playing it
Completely fed up with you boy,
Can't stand no nagging anymore
I was a head-over-heels in love,
Don't get your knickers in a twist
I should tell you when to get out,

Froggy Mix - No nagging any more

I enjoy every second with your name written on my heart
I feel happy and my heart has blossomed
You've fallen head-over-heels for me, obeying my heart, I am faithful to you
It must be magic that you fell for me

Tulus (Indonesia) - A Short Story

Playing with fire, you know your wings will burn
Ignoring the danger, you're still running to the sun
A careless journey to the point of no return
Head over heels, you're running to the sun

Little Nemo - Running to the sun

In the darkness of the night you’re shining bright just like a moon river
No way to control myself I think I better just give up
You know it’s all cause of you?
Head over heels I’m falling for you
Your manner, your smell and, I’m drunk on you so what can I do?
You’re sweet you know got me melting like ice cream

M&N - Tonight

This explains why you have been blessed with the four most precious qualities:
Health-Long-Life, Good Birth,[fn]Or good breeding, meaning born into a high-ranking family.[/fn]Happiness, and Wisdom-Intelligence.[fn]These are all words of Pali origin making up a formula still used today to offer one's wishes for another's happiness in all circumstances.[/fn]
The moment I met you,
I lost all sense of reality, lost my bearings, fell head over heels in love...

Got Jakrapun - What Beauty Earned in a Previous Life!

Woah whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
A couple of pills and I got my soda filled
Woah whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
Break out a sweat, I go head over heels for these mils
Woah whoa whoa whoa whoa
She thinks she the one but to me she ain't nothing but a thrill

Future (United States) - Draco

Just like a lost kid, pathetic
Let's pity, but end it there
Head over heels when you lower your head
I become a trigger
You can pull me, at the person nearby

DAOKO - Negative Monster

Ah, if it's scattering and gushing out in disorder, hand in hand (on the palm of my hand), we could seek a corteous destine!

Already I'm falling head over heels; Hey, I can't stop it

Deeper and deeper for you______........!!!!!

Saitō Sōma - Destinare!

I am the very famous
You will fall head over heels

EXID - Hot Pink

I thought you - the hero, but it turned out that is not.
And everything that you told me - is invented nonsense.
About you're head over heels in love, and about my beauty.
And I caught the phrase, just like that, on the fly.

5sta Family - Crazy

Wanna know why don't you calm down
Your number baby about to run out
She got you good she got you wrapped round
Head over heels yeah

You're not about, about to give in

Florrie - She Always Gets What She Wants

To the reason where you forget
What has been good

We used to be head over heels
And fearless and rare and good
I often wonder if we will let it be now

Jupiter Jones - Run + Stumble

1st verse:
She's always so cute when she's angry.
Every time I laugh and can't hold back.
Somehow I fell head over heels in love with her right away,
But I had no time to tell her this.

Aleksey Vorobyov - I just want to come

Maybe you'd be singing this song
Where does my broken heart belong?

(Maybe I fell head over heels)
(Maybe I just got it all wrong)
(Ooh, feeling hopeless, not what I dreamed of)

Amir Haddad - Broken Heart

The smart snakes keep their poison close to the chest
I'm bright red, but the color of my cheeks is calculated

A head over heels love affair, or even many pleasures won't satisfy me
Lead me in an impulse to reveal my body, come on you agitator


Say I'm not a fool to let my heart go your way

Tell me this is real
Head over heels so glad I've found
Someone just like you]

K's Choice - Someone just like you

I finally found you - woman of my dreams
And I will always stand behind you and be there for you
Just as you do for me, I only think about you
My darling heart, you got me head over heels
I no longer thought I'd still get to experience this

Azad - I walk for you

I do not love you, I never had
To your favourite question, there's your answer
I was young, head over heels
So I guess that's how we started

Hladno Pivo - I Don't Love You

Do you understand me, man - I'm rather looking for someone to pair
Someone, with whom I could blow it up from the back
I didn't wake up those who have drowned in life head over heels
Around the bright goal - I demanded brotherhood of soul

Strachy Na Lachy - Radio Dalmacija

I can't prevent them and they have a mind of their own.

Could I be the last victim of your lies?
I have voluntarily fallen head over heels in love with you.
Making me suffer ought to be a crime that weighs on your conscience.
I'm begging you, can you quit breaking hearts, for fear of suffering bad karma?

Pai Phongsathorn - Could I Be the Last Victim of Your Lies?

Her name is Emma, oh I am head over heels
there's one dilemma, she doesn't know how I feel
I put her picture on my wa-a-all oh she's my baby she's my do-do-do-doll
Her name is Emma, oh and she acts like a star
June or December I wanna be where you are
What can I do to to to make her fall, tweeted my number never called

Satin Circus - Emma


Show me where do the ones like you grow up
Head over heels,
I'm running away, there's no way to come back
Let it be a happy end

Lana Jurčević - La La Land

Dance, dance, dance!

I'll lick out your soul, I've fallen head over heels in love
I'll shove a thought into your mouth,
I always pick out the best bits,

Nightwork - 4-3-2-1 Dance (Shots)

Im crazy, buaaah, and a wellknown Genius
Record a hit and you dance to that beat
And back then i thought, dude, when she sees me
Today, one look's enough and she's head over heels

Cro - Cheers

Hypnotized, with just one look at you, I'm paralyzed
I can't explain why just one touch of you drives me insane
You've got me head over heels
You better believe it
Baby, and I know how it feels

Eighth Wonder - Cross my Heart

Your my everything

Head over heels (To let you get away is crazy)
I've fallen
In love with you

Mýa - Fallen

I am helpless without your care
So I'm going to hold you tight
And squeeze you with all my might
Because I am head over heels in love with you

Please let me take and taste

Eric Donaldson - What You're Doing To Me

We'll laugh for a bit
Then we'll smoke some weed
It kills me, your style traps me
It overwhelms me, I'm head over heels for you girl

At your disposal

Tony Lenta - At Your Disposal

Because I'm truly
Truly in love with you girl
I'm truly head over heels with your love
I need you, and with your love I'm free
And truly,you know you're alright with me

Lionel Richie - Truly

Sick erotically

You're a maniac, I understand everything with you
But despite the fear, I'm sink in love head over heels
And to give you lips
These views, these secrets I'll not hide

Nikita - To sick erotically

Like never before

Baby you got me head over heels
Or am I crazy
That's how you make me feel

Tarisai Vushe - Head Over Heels

Yeah, I'm crazy for you.

I think it's time to say
I'm head over heels,
I feel so crazy for you,
Yeah, I'm crazy for you.

Elina Born - Crazy for You

Like the main character that’s been cast under a spell
If you freeze, I’ll run to you, trust me

I go head over heels for you
When things get serious, don’t mind them
Reset – life is like breaking down

VIXX - Rock Ur Body

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

I fell head over heels from the sky
I woke up on the ground,
I woke up and saw

Orgazm Nostradamusa - Tango of the Nobodies

Are you a boy or a girl?

Well, I've been confused by the startled look in your eyes
Have I been misused, falling head over heels for a star
While you feed me a line?
'Cause I feel misunderstood

Imperial Drag - Boy Or A Girl

The festive grandfather and grandmother too
Leave the whole issue to us and everyone laugh, say cheese!
Don't worry about tomorrow, this is my new world
We're head over heels and we'll scatter it throughout the world

(Zun zun zunzunzunzun) Zunzundoko zunzundoko we dried the tears

Johnny's West - Zundoko Paradise

What's your name?
I can tell you a story before we get into the game
We fall head over heels overnight
See my face in your future
I'm in your future, in your nights, mmm

Tove Lo - Cycles

Is it because I fell in love [with you], that you act pompous and act as if you didn't fall in love?
And I am sure that this isn't the case
and that you are definitely head over heels in love with me

Quit playing me and telling me lies

Jannat - Quit Playing Me

But you, I chose you, you were supposed to be the first
The first in my life
That I let into my heart
Head over heels in love
Blind trusted you
I meant no harm by It

MaEs - With every day

She’s always smilin’ when she sees me walk in
’Cause she knows I’ll be stayin’ just as long as I can
Them milk shakes must be good, ‘cause I just can't get my fill
Since the first time she made me one I’ve been head over heels


Clay Walker - White Palace

I saw cities, I read pieces of countries,
And I halved in half the Arctic Ocean.
Into the old-and-important I was falling head over heels,
And something strange happened to me.

Elena Vaenga - Cities

Head over heels in love with you.

Yes it looks like I'm falling all over again
Head over heels in love with you
In love with you,
In love with you

Kevin Keegan - Head Over Heels In Love

It's so great that you're alive
We can float along on our cloud
I want to give myself wholly to you
I am in love head over heels
It's so great that you're alive

Nena - I'm embracing the entire world

But I know we'll be alright

They don't know what we share in the briefest of moments,
I'm head over heels for the smallest components,
That light in your eye or that look on your face,
Secure in the fact that we both know our place

Neck Deep - Growing pains

I remember that day when we
met and fell head over heels in love
when we looked at each other
and all the people at us like at the miracle

Mile Kitić - Pain

Make me your Juliet
Let me be your juliet

I'm head over heels for you, baby

Mary M - Juliet

Together we’ll keep falling, and in love we'll always be

Now I'm falling for you and now you've fallen for me
And we're falling so hard that we are head over heels
And I hope we touchdown, but our feet don't hit the ground
I'm falling for you

Nick Howard - Falling For You

And I love how it feels
You're the one I wanna stay with
You're the one I wanna grey with
You got me head over heels
And I love how it feels
You're the one I wanna stay with

EXES - Grey

Everybody wants to fall in love
Nobody wanna deal when it gets tough
Always looking for the next best thing
Head over heels for a six week fling
What are you gonna do when you find the one?

Jojo - Rise Up

She'll suck you up and spit you out
And bring you back again
Then take you out and turn you around
You're lucky to fall head over heels

Cause when you're lookin' back on yesterday

The Jezabels - The Brink

You're floating endlessly
Into infinity
Run circles around me
But I'm head over heels for you
You got the shackles on me, yeah
But I just wanna be free, yeah

This Century - Skeletons

You know, that girl who transferred here from outer space?
She’s got those antenna coming out of her head, she’s so damn cute!

In an instant I’m head over heels, how does she feel about me?
No other girl even compares, I tell them “fuck off, seriously, no thanks!!”

Bakudan Johnny - You’re Green

It couldn't of been a more perfect day, what could go wrong?
I was head over heels for every word you'd say.
And it was at the tip of my tongue, front of my brain
look what hes done, it drives me insane but..

Justine Skye - Oops (I)

- Chorus -
Have you ever been so in love? Totally lost!
Have you ever been so in love? Up to your ears!
Have you ever been so in love? Head over heels!
Have you ever been so in love? And unstoppable!

K3 - In Love

get me out of here

and who I want to fool
you know that I am head over heels for you
and I can't stand it anymore

Sidecars - Dynamite

Her face is mysterious,
she doesn't have a solid friend,
she is a real force of nature,
I instantly fell head over heels for her.
She really has a great figure,
perfect - I only ask myself:

Wise Guys - Come on Girl, Laugh Once in a While!

To them it seems ain't very cool
But I don't care what they say
I just can't resist
Heather, I fell head over heels
First time we kissed

Tommy Roe - Heather Honey

You can't imagine how much I love
Being with you, hearing your voice

Being my head over heels in love with you
I came near you
I love your singing, your words and your playing

Reyhan Karaca - Being my head over heels

But who's the mug sitting here in his bed?

Oh, Marcus, what am I to do?
I'm head over heels for you
I could stay all night
But I gotta stop dreaming

Matt Fishel - When Boy Meets Boy

That means a carbin
That means a hurricane
That means by guess
That means head over heels
That means...

Grazhdanskaya Oborona - That Means A Hurricane

She fell in for
the same old thirst
Head over heels, heart first
There he walked home
home again with

Jakob Hellman - The Tears

Oh, mi stai facendo perdere tempo,
tu mi fai solo, solo, solo perdere tempo.

Qualcosa succede e vado sottosopra[fn]"Head over heels" letteralmente "testa sopra tacchi" é un idioma inglese che cominciò come "heels over head" e poi fu invertito. Il significato cambia secondo l'uso (sottosopra, frenetico, "head over heels in love" innamorato perdutamente)[/fn].
Io non lo mai scopro finché non vado sottosopra.
Qualcosa succede e vado sottosopra.

Tears for Fears - Sottosopra

We have dreams of this day, now the streets going cray
I don’t know why they hate, we got no time to waste
Niggas know I don’t play, have some hoes on delay
They be head over heels, give me head in the wheels
I got bread, I got bills and your legs I could feel
In the back of the ride, from the back or the side

Fetty Wap - No Dayz Off


And look, there’s the love, the love is coming
It’s coming with the story of my head-over-heels heart
Live in love and sing in love
Sing, don’t make me wait, my heart is cold

Fadl Shaker - I Said Goodbye to You

But what did she discover
Love was lurking around the corner
It usually does
She fell madly in love, head over heels
In a lovable man
If you hear this he will at least know there were feelings involved

Zacke - The most beautiful defeat

Perfect pretenders
(I don't want you, all you want is someone
Going home together to forget we're alone)
We're falling head over heels
For something that ain't real
(Think we got it, but we made up a dream

Sigrid - Strangers

I am there, I help, I came stretch'd atop of the load,
I felt its soft jolts, one leg reclined on the other,
I jump from the cross-beams and seize the clover and timothy,
And roll head over heels and tangle my hair full of wisps.

Walt Whitman - Song Of Myself, IX

Since you're gone, spring isn't coming to me
only a pain is coming unannounced
if you're interested in it, I'm alive
I've never stopped to be head over heels in love with you

You know who is being poisoned by the sorrow

Dara Bubamara - Since you're gone

The horseshoe over the gateway fell down and broke a car window

I suppose someday something good will happen
One may win the lottery or fall in love head over heels

The four leaf clover didn't bring luck

Atlético Kumpula - Four leaf clover

then tomorrow they won't see me.

Valentina, Valentina,
I'm head over heels for you,
if I have to die tomorrow
let them kill me already.

Los Hermanos Záizar - Valentina

“how have you been, my lady?”

I’m no moral apostle
Not a boy fallen head over heels in love
Still the talk that I hear about you
Is sad to hear for a friend

Vennaskond - Jazz is playing

From the very second baby I already knew
I'll end up head over heels in love with you
Turns out I'm right

Guy Sebastian - Kryptonite

Hold up, wait a minute, put a little love in it

Doctor, doctor, I've got an emergency
It seems I'm head over heels, a case of L-O-V-E
It's like I'm glowing inside
Yeah, a light I can't hide

Family Force 5 - Love Addict

It happened in Vienna
Where I lost my heart
I loved him
Head over heels
In that night
he disappointed me so

Mireille Mathieu - The Mournful Tango

I think that we needed to another things
As long as we touch each other, something was wrong, I always forced
If it's heavy for you, I'd say in my heart
It's always like that a mission, We didn't to be head over heels

Hande Yener - Mission

I asked him:
"What is love? Master! What is the mystery of life?
I am madly in love, head over heels
and I have a full life before me"

Cem Karaca - Love is on the wings of a bird

In love you give it your all
then collect all your pieces after
to fall head over heels
only like this will your soul fly
In love you give it your all

Giorgos Papadopoulos - In Love You Give Your All

Herz, Herz, Herz, Herz-Herz-Herz über Verstand
Herz über Verstand<fn>Bedeutet sowohl wörtlich "Herz vor Verstand"
als auch eine Anspielung auf "head over heels" = "Hals über Kopf".</fn>

Nur dir habe ich mein Herz geschenkt

Jennifer Rush - Herz über Verstand

High (you get me high, high, high, high)

You had me head over heels
Now I can get over you
I'm in way over my head

Alyssa Reid - High

Go to war for you
Go to war for you

Am I head over heels or headless
I can give you the answer if you answer first
And my frozen hands lose their grip

Snö - War

Oh Ryydana Ryydana Ryydana Ryydana and once again Ryydana!
This following story is about when the other day Ryydman fell in love with some bat-skinned bowleg,
but luckily the situation was saved!
Ryydman was completely in love, head over heels
And now the song begins, listen up

Bat & Ryyd - The real stuff

And if you go on thinking
That nothing can change
And you turn to your sides
Head over heels
Everything is, everything is

Niñovan - The World

It ain't 'bout the chase and it ain't about the games
You play hard to get
Baby, I just need you like you need me
Falling head over heels for you is easy
Ooh, I love your name, I hope you feel the same

Chris Brown - On Me

Where should I go
Can't stop myself
Outta control
Head over heels
No time to think
Looks like

The Go-Go's - Head Over Hills