Heart to heart

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Heart to heart (English) — To be sincere, open, intimate, honest.

"After our heart-to-heart, we became friends again."

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Heart to heart — offen reden

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Translations of "Heart to heart"

Arabicمن القلب للقلب
EsperantoKio iras el koro, venas al koro.
Russianпо душам
Serbianod srca srcu
SwedishHjärta till hjärta
TurkishKalp kalbe

"Heart to heart" in lyrics

say that I can shoot her

I wonder if you are mad at me
or wandered from heart to heart ?
I don't wanna that my gueries belie you
The favoritism doesn't end for you in me

Gülşen - The favoritism

I want to play taking aim at you
But you , do you want it ?
From all my heart
I want to win at this heart-to-heart
You know my game by heart
So defend yourself

Brigitte Bardot - Me I play

I play a game against your game.
I would like to play a game with you.
But... Do you want?
Sincererly, I want to win this heart to heart.
You know my game by heart...
So defend yourself.

Brigitte Bardot - I play

There is a way heart to heart
Sometimes love seems with eyes
You not here, left and gone
I can't come with a shameless face

Memoriest will live inside of me

Toygar Işıklı - Söz Olur

I gather together my soul
A little soul music
And I feel a deep desire.
From city to city, and heart to heart,
And with you, yes - my love who is always with me,
For this life filled with all colors.

Christophe Maé - A Little Blues

By the sea
we make love,
heart to heart
having a good time

Andrea Bocelli - Sea-lad(By the sea)

Yeah, yeah, what a player, cloud 9 in the air
Elevating, celebrating, this feels good to me
Love is peace, see to see
Heart to heart, you and me
What's it gonna be?
What you wanna do?

Anise K. - Walking On Air

Let the world around us
Just fall apart
Baby, we can make it
If we're heart to heart

And we can build this dream together

Starship - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

I'll come running, because
You and I won't part till we die
You should know
We see eye to eye, heart to heart.

I can find your halo

James Blunt - Heart To Heart

Does this in kind suit us ?

Lets we look at each other,not to speak
Lets we cover distance from heart to heart
Don't lets we lose our taste for nothing
Lets we make love,not to war

Tarkan - Bam Teli

Those new tricks
Warm me up
With your lips
Heart to heart
Melt me down
It's too cold

Ed Sheeran - Firefly

To dance close together is dancing
Just like the sea dances
With dolphins
Heart to heart
Two dancers in a room
The two of us, embraced tightly against each other

Sergio Dalma - To Dance Closely

Let's make a promise till the end of time
We'll always be together, and our love will never die

So here we are face to face and heart to heart
I want you to know we will never be apart
Now I believe that wishes can come true

FireHouse (band) - When I Look Into Your Eyes

We all fall down...

Step by step, heart to heart, left right left
We all fall down like toy soldiers
Bit by bit, torn apart, we never win

Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers

If there is a path from heart to heart
This is most surely love,
Your wind was enough for me
All hell was raised.
Open your door, I've arrived.
What I wear, is a shirt of fire

Tarkan - WHOOP (Take Me Inside You)

You wanted to separate us, you couldn't do it
We go our way into freedom together
The power of two hearts is now ready
Heart to heart, hand in hand, there's nothing which holds us back
In front of us the sky, the back turned towards the world
I feel comfortable where we soon will be

LaFee - Together

Together, heart to heart
we'll open, and we'll see, the light in the sky.
Together, heart to heart
we'll open with hope - for love.

Gili Liber - Together

face to face and heart to heart
we’re so close, yet so far apart
i close my eyes i look away
that’s just because i’m not okay

but i hold on, i stay strong

Glee Cast - Pretending

S.O.S. I love you
Me and you, endlessly, you and me

Heart to heart, day and night
Endlessly remembered
Are you too, so in love, like me

Blümchen - Heart to Heart

Bit by bit torn apart, we never win,
But the battle wages on for toy soldiers.

Step by step, heart to heart, left right left,
We all fall down like toy soldiers.
Bit by bit torn apart, we never win,

Martika - Toy Soldiers

she's in me as my life..
the way water falls in the rain..
like a story..
which is being told from heart to heart..
this heart is your old lover..
this mad one doesn't understand..

Gajendra Verma - Heart of Mine

Embroideries of love
Happy and unhappy looks
Flowing from heart to heart
I live with(in) the applause

Zeki Müren - I Zeki Müren

Once again, someone leaves me again,
I am never the strongest,
I am the one who, by mischance,
Spends his life from heart to heart,
It's as if I'm punished,
It's as if love forgets me,

Hervé Vilard - Dying or living

borders are nothing else
but lines in an atlas
but they are reality
if they go from heart to heart

You now reach out with your hands

Marchelo - Marčelo

Late that night I park my car
Stake my place in the singles bar
Face to face, toe to toe
Heart to heart as we hit the floor
Lumber up, limbo down
The locked embrace, the stumble round

Roxy Music - Love Is the Drug

Are not letting me sleep
By that tear on the pillow

Put them away from your lips
Loneliness is closing the circle

Crvena Jabuka - There's Something From Heart To Heart

If someone asks for a problem.
Come and touch my Albanian pride.
I respect, endlessly with name
To give hand in hand, heart to heart
Brothers, sisters, all barbarians
Cheers once again for the golden crown.

Noizy - Where are the Eagles?

Today I finally go dancing again
I feel again this heart to heart feeling and this rhythm
Then comes this man and takes me dancing
He whispers in my ear, how a woman can possibly be so beautiful.

Beatrice Egli - My Heart

Rosamunda, you make me happy
Rosamunda, you make me foolish
Under the stars, heart to heart,
How wonderful it is to make love

Gabriella Ferri - Rosamunda

내 눈 똑바로 보고 얘기해줘 (더)
말 돌리지 말고 화나게 하지 말고
이제는 Heart to Heart
너와 나 Heart to Heart to Heart

4Minute - Heart to Heart

まるで正しい笑み 不器用な本音が

heart to heart

Mami Kawada - u/n

And I have nothing to get warm with
We drank after with tequila, forgot, forgave
I don't dream You, You'll say You don't dream me either
If we could make it out heart-to-heart before it's dark
Pull it down to words and molecules

LOBODA - Not needed

Free to do it all my way

(I think it's time that you and I
Arranged a heart to heart)
Kings don't need advice
From little hornbills for a start

The Lion King (OST) - I Just Can't Wait To Be King

No it's not over, it's only a beginning
But it's the loveliest one of all

I saw you have a heart-to-heart
With voices that came from afar
I saw you smile at them

Star Académie - And It's Not Over

There is no evil without coming good
There are no steps don't leave footprints

We shot from heart to heart
We hurt it without a reason
We come naked in the world

Ricky Martin - Don't Lie To You

The deeper that I go
It takes my breath away
Soft hearts electric souls
Heart to heart and eyes to eyes
Is this taboo?

Panic! at the Disco - House Of Memories

I wasn't the best of friends in the past
I'm rebuilding myself
I'm redeeming myself
It's heart-to-heart

You've put up a wall between us two

Flavia Coelho - Over it

I'm far away from you
And despite the enormous distance
I feel you next to me.
Heart to heart, soul to soul,
And I feel in my being your kisses
No matter you're far away.

José Alfredo Jiménez - The enormous distance

who said tht wont happen

as long as you want heart to heart

there is a light in my eyes

Asu Maralman - Bal Gibi Olur

ne nun ttokbaro bogo yegihejwo (do)
mal dolliji malgo hwanage haji malgo
ijeneun Heart to Heart
neowa na Heart to Heart to Heart

4Minute - Heart to Heart

i really need to talk with somebody
to talk heart to heart with somebody
i dnt have neither hot dinner
nor another voice then tv's in myhouse

Şebnem Ferah - Good,Bad(black,white)

soul connection
soul to soul connection
heart to heart
make a start
with a soul connection

Alexander Vögele - Soul Connection

And we are always together and forever
A same road
In harmony with the emotion
From heart to heart
Your kisses on the dawn
Hugs on the morning

Roberto Carlos - From heart to heart

You’ve been trying to write a novel about your cheap thrills
You think you're Hunter S. Thompson
I think you're fucking crazy as the day's long
Man to man, heart to heart
I love you but you drive me so far
Wish you well on that star

Lana Del Rey - Is This Happiness

i wish i could send my heart
to speak to your heart
heart to heart

and maybe just maybe

Black Coffee - Crazy

Repeat x2:
*With you 'feel to feel' just naturally
Even tears 'It's beautiful'
Linking 'heart to heart' in a dream
'I wanna say to you now'*

Kylee - FEEL

A completely honest smile, and an awkward motive
They now, join the world together.

Heart to heart
I always want to have it in this heart.
The answer to if is confusion

Mami Kawada - u/n

Heart to heart, don't break the spell.
The only thing I want is loving you.
(Heart to heart. Heart.)
(Heart to heart. Heart.)
Please come close and let me listen
To the words your heart can tell

Bad Boys Blue - From heart to heart

Free to do it all my way!

I think it's time that you and I
Arranged a heart-to-heart

Kings don't need advice

The Lion King (Musical) - I Just Can't Wait to Be King!

color up fragrance up the flowers have blossomed
You're mine, I have love, and the world has been completed
heart to heart, hand in hand, without regret
I'm happy I'm happy they're blossoming Around

S.H.E - Flowers Blossoming Around

Between us there were no kisses
nor flashes of passion,
it was a silent love
from heart to heart.

but night and day

Isabel Pantoja - Antonio Romero

take this steady state all ready
there is no solution to this
no one but you
this is a path from heart to heart
there is no solution but you
this is a passage because of love

Çelik - path

In one illumination lie fragments of a vision
Of all that was before us
And will be hereafter.
Silenced, heart to heart
Listening, glancing,
And to the impossible

Flëur - Two clouds

You're music to my ears
Am infected, fully infected with love
Through you
Heart to heart the whole time
Through the dream which really exists

Felix Pascal - Infected with love

S.O.S I love you
Me and you, all the time, you and me

Heart to Heart, day and night
I think about you all the time
Are you also in love with me?

Blümchen - Heart to Heart

Maru de tadashii emi bukiyou na honne ga
Ima, tonariau sekai

heart to heart
Itsumo kono mune no naka ni aritai
if no kotae wa tomadoi

Mami Kawada - u/n

When we're body to body, heart to heart
Body to body, heart to heart
Body to body, body to body
Heart to heart

Cher - Body To Body, Heart To Heart

Beyond the fear
Let's build the bridge
From heart to heart
In the name of love

Monika Kuszyńska - In the Name of Love


The sum of two kisses built heart to heart
is learnt without books, professor
Pythagoras, Pythagoras

Adriano Celentano - Pythagoras

Under the full moon light we dance,
Hand in hand we dance
Heart to heart we dance
Soul to soul rejoice.

Pagan Songs and Chants - Full Moonlight Dance

that your mouth called me.
Let time demonstrate to us that the two of us
are made [to be] heart to heart,
heart to heart.

Let me make up a dream for you

Alejandro Filio - Eugenia

And crystal clearly he speaks to me in Hungarian
Well, sit down and pour a glass of drink
Give time to the thoughts
We have time, talk with me heart to heart
How did you spend so many years down below
Just speak, have no fear

Zorán - Penitence

We are (singing, dancing, drumming, praying) towards the center
We are (singing, dancing, drumming, praying) through the midnight and the moonlight.
Hand to hand, heart to heart, arm in arm
Hand to hand, heart to heart, arm in arm

Abbi Spinner McBride - Singing In The Circle

Free to do it all my way!

I think it's time that you and I
Arranged a heart to heart

Kings don't need advice

Allstar Weekend - I Just Can't Wait to Be King

Where strong itself with mild doth couple,
The ringing will be good and strong.
So test therefore, who join forever,
If heart to heart be found together!
Delusion is short, remorse is long.
In the bridal locks so lovely

Friedrich Schiller - Song of the Bell

But somehow the vision's known
Cause when you uncover the simple truth
It's stranger than fictions told
It's what you hear when you're heart to heart
It's the warm when the world gets cold
Know what you're thinking, there lies the reason

Ke$ha - Former Over Exposed Blonde

A heavy human horo is spinning
and hand in hand, the people are dancing,
they make two-three steps forward and then one backwards.
Shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart,
One falls down, someone's helping him/her up.
Here out of joy, there out of sorrow,

Vanya Kostova - Horo

I remember, in a lonely time
The small stars connecting us together
Linked heart to heart under this broad sky

Even if

Dragon Ball Z (OST) - A Triangle of Stars

Look directly in my eyes and tell me
Don’t twist your words, don’t make me angry
Now heart to heart,
you and I Heart to heart to heart

4Minute - Heart To Heart

Your sweet lips are sour for me!
When you leave, even your eyes change!
Embrace me hardly, but it won't pass away!
Press me closer to you - heart to heart /x2

You're doing it dirty!... You're doing it dirty!... You're doing it dirty!...

Maria - You're Doing It Dirty

Even though much scenery might be changed in our future, we won’t be changed.

Promise you. I will live thinking of you. We are the one from heart to heart.
Promise You. What I want to tell is just “I love you”.
I will promise the piece of eternity.

Super Junior - Promise You

My mother said “I gained a friend
At the end of the heart to heart.”
My mother asked, “Will you be fine
With the choices you make in your life?”

Anneke Van Giersbergen - My mother said

Come back as fireworks

We are hip
Totally conspired heart to heart
Nothing separating us
Today we are cranking up

Helene Fischer - Fireworks

But all I'm thinking of is you
Baby only you

Day by day, heart to heart
I hope that we will ever be together
Will it be me and you

Dee Dee - Forever (2001)

キミと feel to feel ありのまま
涙も It’s beautiful
夢に heart to heart リンクして
キミだけの style で feel to feel

Kylee - FEEL

and also she is laughing up one's sleeve
say that I can shoot her
I wonder if you are mad at me
or wandered from heart to heart ?
I don't wanna that my gueries belie you
The favoritism doesn't end for you in me

Gülşen - The favoritisim

if you die, my love, I want to die.»

With a leap he was on her side,
up close, heart to heart.
and like this it ended,
the love between two unlucky fish.

Domenico Modugno - The Swordfish

By the seashore
let’s make love,
heart to heart
to have fun.

Salvatore Gambardella - The Tiny Sailor

i would explain all my grief,
dot by dot,
pain by pain, word by word, point by point....
if heart to heart we talk
and face to face we meet.
to catch a glimpse of thee,

Mohsen Namjoo - Rooberoo

And I am still with them, and they with thee;

Or, if they sleep, thy picture in my sight
Awakes my heart, to heart's and eyes' delight.

William Shakespeare - Sonnet 47

S.O.S Emergency
Yes it's true, I love you, Yes I do

Heart to Heart, One on one
Please don't keep me hanging on
I'm so deeply in love with you

Blümchen - Heart to Heart

Tonight I'm finally going out dancing again
The heart to heart feeling
And feel this rhythm again
Then this man comes dancing by my side

Beatrice Egli - My Heart

Kindly bent to free us
A heart-to-heart farewell
My armor begins to rust
It forms the scrap yard gates to hell

Cynic - Kindly Bent To Free Us

Here nothing is ever too short
nothing is ever too high
nothing is ever too far
Heart to heart and hand in hand,
reunited at last, a boundless feeling

Jasmine Denham - Together we're boundless

This one heading to hapiness
Let's follow this all life long,
Hand in hand,
Heart to heart...
With you, little girlfriend
The path will be too short

Georges Guétary - The flowery road

time to carry already
i feel weird tonight

i get tired to be broken, to be carried from heart to heart
i dont know how to say but there is something missing inside
i feel weird tonight

Çelik - i feel weird tonight

Our souls and spirits rise
To carry the fire and light the spark
To fight shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart
To stand shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart
We are alive

Bruce Springsteen - We Are Alive

Little by little, grain by grain,
Drop by drop and heart by heart.
Little by little, grain by grain,
Drop by drop and heart to heart.

Zaz - If


Heart to heart, the heart beats faster
As if in the grip of fear
But while in you yours is shaking

Serge Gainsbourg - Bloody Jack

These cheats of yours are not the view and you are not very much aware of it
The view is that you could live rightly for the rest of your life

Heart to heart my situation reached him before it was said
And he understand that between me and him in my life he had been living with lies

Amal Maher - What Is In It Later

There might not be the unlinked lives
Heart to heart
You were fulfilled when I was made happy
Heart to heart
The mysterious connection being in the deepest part
People called this love before they would be born

Pretty Cure (OST) - Heart to Heart

my soul, my heart, my dearest, of all the people in the world
my heart is flying to you

i have found you through you, heart to heart
where you walk is where i kneel to pray

Homayoun Shajarian - Heart to Heart

On my knees
I'm flying through the blue sky
I need a constant conversation
A heart to heart long distance call

pureNRG - Pray

Oh, it's a game of love - a game for fools
The day will come - what can I lose

Oh, man to man - heart to heart
Baby, let me know when we start
3. Save me

Blue System - Love Me On The Rocks

You and I have learned the song of love,
And we sing it well
The song is ageless,
Passed on heart to heart
By those who have seen what we see
And known what we know

Leonard Nimoy - You and I Have Learned

That leads to happiness!
Let’s follow it all life long,
Hand in hand,
Heart to heart...
With you, girlfriend[fn]'Petite amie' literally means 'little friend' but also means 'girlfriend' (as a lover). Here, both translations could work.[/fn]
The path will be too short

Georges Guétary - The Flowery Road

Shooting at the walls of heartache
Bang, bang, I am the warrior
And heart to heart you'll win
If you survive the warrior, the warrior

Scandal - The Warrior

Come together more tightly in this sacred round
And make the last sound of elation
From heart to heart and mouth to mouth
The chant shall roar joyfully

Leger des Heils - Sacred land

It's a simple melody
Sing my song and you'll be alright

Heart to heart
And hand in hand
Feeling love

Kenny masters - Time To Fly (Sing My Song)

There are very deep issues, please understand.
If there is love, no one dumps to each other.

There are hidden paths into the heart to heart.
There are one thousand and one secrets within love.
Someone who doesn't love never can't see.

Ertuğ - Deep Issue

Can't no maybach prevent a nigga from makin' mula
Oh, you gold diggin' diggin' graveyard loser
Ain't none of my cars american, king of zamunda
Let's have a heart-to-heart, drink wine, make art
Backseat of the benzo, the amg
Can you love a thug, is all make believe

benz friendz - watchutola

(Love me)
Heartache in my Cadillac
(Help me)
Heart to heart and soul to soul
(Lady, my love)

Blue System - Save Me

With a little bit of kindness – oh that’s a start
A little touch of sweetness – for my old heart
A little touch of kindness – come on give me a start
A little bit of sweetness – heart to heart

A little touch of kindness – oh that’s a start

Elliott Murphy - A Touch of Kindness

If the wind awakens me
with haunting howls
I will embrace her
heart to heart.
The wind calms down,
and sleep reaches me.

Mara Aranda - Mommy

heart to heart
ワタシが喜ぶと キミは満たされた
heart to heart
それを人は愛と呼んだ 生まれる前から

Pretty Cure (OST) - Heart to Heart

You never steal, you never kill
You are a part of hope and life
The revolution goes from man to man
And heart to heart
And I sense when I look at the stars
That we are children of life

Joan Baez - The Ballad Of Sacco And Vanzetti (Part 2)

KIMI to feel to feel arinomama
Namida mo It's beautiful
Yume ni heart to heart RINKU shite
KIMI dake no style de feel to feel

Kylee - FEEL

Oh beautiful, with flaxen hair<fn>lit. With long hair</fn>, You're my love.
Wether people will call me wild, I don't care.
As you roam around from heart to heart,
You make my heart apart, apart<fn>lit. My heart says Yahoo!</fn>
And the stars have embraced your body...

Sonu Nigam - We'll Meet Again, Someday

I think our worlds are symmetrical
You can be my angel, I'm celestial
Bulletproof love over money, I'll invest in you
Have a heart to heart before I have a chest to chest with you
Don't let nothing but me get on top of you, girl, what's stressing you?
Yeah, I swear every new chapter's like an old page

RAYE - Alien

Your gentle voice in the shades and spotlight
Yet in the silence
heart to heart

Together we'll...

The Rainfields - Lovely Star

For all the games to start
For all to meet again
With love and peace again
We gather heart to heart
In brotherhood of men
It's time to celebrate,

Amr Diab - Africa (أفريقيا)

you have time for tenderness

body to body
heart to heart
Moments are moving us up to heaven
I chose you, I count on you

Simone (Austria) - Time for tenderness

Before we used to fight how we spend our vacation.
Now very seldom come together our destination.
When we meet, we have a heart to heart talk...
Up till now everyone around consider us divorced.

Phineas and Ferb (OST) - All of the confused reasons to pretend to be divorced

Maybe your uneasiness is mine
Don't leave me anymore, don't leave me anymore
I surrender to your words
On the string from heart to heart and

Don't leave me anymore, don't leave me anymore

Gianna Nannini - I Wanna Die For You

And there's no woman
who of a man
resists the <em>complication</em>
when they're dancing heart to heart
to the sound of a milonga.

Roberto Maida - Creole Milonga

There's something funny going around
It moves from heart to heart
One day you're up and the next upside down
And that's the easy part

Painted On Water - Mad Love

Very well, let’s have a drink.

Dancing in circle, foot to foot
Hand in hand, heart to heart
In friendship, dancing in circle
With the nicest company in the world.

Maria Giovanna Cherchi - Dancing in circle

Let's connect heart to heart
Let's gurgle like waters
Let's connect heart to heart
Let's gurgle like waters
Let's reverence of defendant

Erdem Ergün - C'mon bodies(most close friends) be together

Heart to heart
Soul by soul
Baby you're the one I desire
Heart to heart
Soul by soul
Baby I'm in love

Rick Layne - Heart To Heart

So kiss my tongue, make everything better
Show me you’ll be with me forever
Even if it’s heart-to-heart
You hated me from the start

MAIKA (Vocaloid) - Happy Days

to you
oh oh oh oh)

From heart to heart, you
have sown peace in my soul,
Destiny, simply,

Darina - From Heart To Heart

He dreamt of filling pages with ink
Of writing something new
She would have painted landscapes
And played the cello
Always loving each other more
They found natural:

Francis Cabrel - Like them

For the longest time he was the kind I just didn't understand
Hard to read and hard to please, yeah that was my old man
On the day I left for college, it was nothing new
We never had that heart to heart, he had too much to do

He checked the air in my tires, the belts and all the spark-plug wires

High Valley - A Father's Love (The Only Way He Knew How)

Just like your friend!

I'll speak to you heart to heart
This love will tear me apart
I'll get the short end!

Spagna - Why Don't We Talk Anymore?

Kiss me again,
Because once is nothing
I want eternity
Heart to heart

Vanessa Mai - Heart to Heart

Little by little, step by step
We will kill the dirty heads
Heart to heart, side by side
Love will never hide

Modern Talking - Locomotion Tango

Don't be a fool I can make you come alive
If you're ready, get set, let's go

Do you wanna know what heart to heart feels like
Alone in the dark but the beat feels nice
Taste the fire of a better life

Hedia - Your mind

The bell just like you,The bell just like you
Find more lyrics at <a href="http://mojim.com&quot; >※ Mojim.com</a>
You and me never separated,We are heart to heart.

A long rattan hanging on the wall,

Anita Mui - Copper Bell hanging on the rattan

I can't believe you had said it, regret it,
I don't believe you'll forget it
I can't believe that she said a regret,
It's a heart to heart, it's a heart to heart

And falling in love is the hardest part it's the hardest part now

Kisses - Hardest Part


Heart to heart!


Wicked (musical) - Only One Day

and insted there's a maña [fn]Aragonese woman[/fn]
who comes dead of jealousy
to tell you a couple things
from heart to heart

Concha Piquer - Rondalla of jealousy

I don't need anything
Close to your mother
You won't have any torment
That's how it is, heart-to-heart
We gather, like flowers
the happiness under the roofs of Paris.

Maurice Chevalier - Under the roofs of Paris

Hey yeah yeah yeah ha
Hey yeah yeah yeah ha

We’re getting closer, heart to heart
My squirming instincts start to bloom and tickle
Dangerously so you might find out

Girls' Generation - Check

Believe in the both of us
For what you really want
Will never pass away
We stand heart to heart
And go about hand in hand
As if through a Wonderland

Gaby Albrecht - Believe In What You Feel

before the eyes of many a color, [end of page 133]
red, blue, pink �
From whose breast
To my heart of hearts
Doth come and why this painful ecstasy
redolent of musk?

Kazi Nazrul Islam - The Worshipper

Hey yeah yeah yeah ha
Hey yeah yeah yeah ha

가까워지는 우리 Heart to heart
꿈틀거리는 내 본능은 Start
피어나 간지럽게 들킬까 아슬하게

Girls' Generation - Check

All- All- All- All- All Night Long.

Don’t You Wanna Dance, Don’t You Wanna Dance
Heart To Heart My Baby! Heart To Heart My Baby!
Don’t You Wanna Dance, Don’t You Wanna Dance
Come With Me, My Baby

Fairies - Don’t You Wanna Dance

Sparrow, who will love a bird like you
sparrow, who always goes from heart to heart,
sparrow, when your wings in the night are lost
who will love you, who will help you, sparrow.

Miguel Gallardo - Sparrow

Young love

Well, from that day on you couldn't keep them apart
They were side by side and heart to heart
Her momma cried as Billy slipped the ring on her hand
And when the baby was born, she was crying again

The Judds - Young Love

A kiss♥mark on the neck… With a token affixed by my lips

Heart to heart resonating together, we exchange a forbidden signal
Each captivated (and snatched away) by the other, (the two of us) can't stop anymore!
On this secret night, we can believe that tomorrow should never come!

Diabolik Lovers (OST) - Kiss Mark

(Told you heart to heart)
(Right back from the start)
(So I go home, yeah)
(Safe we fell apart, told you heart to heart)
(Right back from the start)
(So I go home)

Sabina Ddumba - Homeward Bound

Dizengoff 30, we stood there embraced
Heart to heart, beating, the same tempo
Heavy suitcases, an ocean of dreams
Will take you away in the night sky

The Ultras - Dizengoff 30

I like the combination of rhythm and deception,
The music gets in me and it's a sensation.
On the dancefloor there's communication, revelation,
from heart to heart.

And you won't see me.

Miranda! - Rhythm & Deception

You should never fear
Oh oh tomorrow will heal, our heart
Heart to heart we stand
Oh oh when you hold my hand, forever
Time will pass us by

Thundercat - Return to the Journey

A kiss♥mark on the neck… With a token affixed by my lips

Heart to heart resonating together, we exchange a forbidden signal
Each captivated (and snatched away) by the other, (the two of us) can't stop anymore!
On this secret night, we can believe that tomorrow should never come!

Diabolik Lovers (OST) - KISS♥MARK

Oh girl, why you gotta be like that? (Girl, like that)
Why gotta hang up on me then you call right back? (Back)
How you compare to them niggas that you gave your heart to? (Heart to)
Probably 'cause you ain't used to someone being all for you (all for you)
You the MVP, baby, you the plug, you the one I take home to mama (baby, you the plug, you the one)

Chris Brown - Other Niggas

踊ろうか (そうだね) 踊ろうよ (もっとね)
(1,2,3,4! 終われない!)

μ's (Love Live! School Idol Project) - HEART to HEART!

素直に言って 憎ませないで
今は Heart to Heart
2人 Heart to Heart to Heart

4Minute - Heart to Heart (Japanese version)

If only you would let us meet again

Face to face, heart to heart
Face to face, heart to heart

The Twins - Face to face, heart to heart

For all the games to start
For all to meet again
With love and peace again
We gather heart to heart
In brotherhood of men
It's time to celebrate,

Amr Diab - Africa

You've all done your time, and you forget about me.
You're all settled with homes and families.
My friends, for old times' sake,
I'm having this heart-to-heart conversation with you.

Vladimir Vysotsky - Here you were, Jack

I will hit this girlfriend!

Now we are related by lice,
Let's talk about it heart to heart,
Because your insects call cousins with mine,
And I will make trouble for you because of this!

Sektor Gaza - Fucking louse*

Tonight, heart to heart, among the wheat,
Where we see only the moon,
The more I hold you, the more you make yourself close,
I kiss you more, and more you make yourself kiss,
I kiss you, and the refrain of a song,
Among the cherry trees goes and flies away.

Roberto Murolo - Please caress me

(Just you and I)

(We're eye to eye)
(And heart to heart)
(We're eye to eye)
(Just you and I)

Baltimora - Eye to eye

Let a million stars shine just for me
I want to experience everything with you, I love only you
Heart to heart, skin to skin, tonight is so familiar to us
I burnt myself on you
And place my heart in your hand!

Franziska - Ignite the Stars

I wanna speak in tongues
No more words
Talk to me with your touch
Body vibration is our heart-to-heart
No conversation's a good place to start
No more words

Ferras - Speak In Tongues

Korekara mo yoroshiku dato
Odorou ka (sou dane) odorou yo (motto ne)
Owaranai yo
(1, 2, 3, 4! Owarenai!)

μ's (Love Live! School Idol Project) - HEART to HEART!