Harshdeep Kaur - Heer (English translation)

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Don't call me Heer, o friends, I've become Sahibaan
I hope he comes on a horse and take me away,
I wish some Mirza comes for me and takes me away
I am like him, he is like me only..
He smiles like it's morning,
and if he closes eyes, it's like cold dark..
I am like him, he is like me only..
walk with me only, don't keep any distance in between,
mark a boundary, and keep the heart in between.
I have to walk under your shade only..
I am like him, he is like me only..
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Author's comments:

Heer is a song that takes into account the stories of Heer-Ranjha, where Ranjha left his beloved to get married to another suitor in the beginning, and Mirza-Sahebaan, where Mirza takes his beloved on a horse. And so, in the song, the girl wants to be called Sahebaan instead of Heer, even though Mirza and Sahebaan die at the end of story.

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