Nic & The Family - Hej hej Monika (English translation)

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Hi hi Monica

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Hi, hi Monica2
Hi there, Monica3
Hi Monica
Hi there, Monica
Hi Monica
Hi there, Monica
Hi Monica
Hi there, Monica
[Verse 1:]
Cold looks sent the shivers4
And you were just fourteen years old5
Take my hand and show me the way
I am yours at all times
[Verse 2:]
Feels like our love got askew from the start6
Just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa
But the tower is still standing there today
And here you stand, and here I stand
Hi! Hi! Hi Monica!
Hi! Hi! Hi Monica!
Hi! Hi! Hi Monica!
Hi! Hi! Hi Monica!
[Chorus x2]
Hi, hi Monica! (Monica!)
Hi, hi Monica! (Monica! Monica!)
Hi, hi Monica!
Hi Monica!
Hi Monica!
Hi... Monicaaa!
  • 1. I'm usually hesitant to "translate" names, but in this case it's mostly about spelling, since the name can actually be spelled with a "c" in Swedish too, and it doesn't inherently change its pronunciation.
  • 2. Or "Hello, hello Monica", but to preserve the meter, I choose the more similar word. The comma could perhaps also have been placed after the second "hej", since informally it's not uncommon to repeat it, but then it's more like a "hej-hej" and audibly not two separate ones, like here.
  • 3. Or "Hi/Hello to you, Monica"; it's just another way of expressing a greeting.
  • 4. Lit. "Cold looks, (the) shivers"; it doesn't actually say the shivers are caused by the cold looks, so it's a personal interpretation, but I'm trying to make some sense out of this. Also, we don't know for certain who gets them.
  • 5. Lit. "just fourteen springs", as in she being born during that season. And by the way, I think it's pretty safe to assume that the narrator (but, mind you, not the singer) is supposed to be of a similar age. Actually, the song is supposed to be about teenage/puppy love. (
  • 6. I left out the initial pronoun ("It"), since it's missing in the original too. Instead of "askew" I could possibly have used "tilted"; but it needed to be an expression that had a similar meaning as "kom på sned" in both the literal and the symbolical sense.
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Hej hej Monika

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