Hekayat El Hob (حكايات الحب) (English translation)

  • Artist: Tamer Hosny (تامر حسني)
  • Song: Hekayat El Hob (حكايات الحب) 2 translations
  • Translations: English, Indonesian
  • Requests: Turkish
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Love stories

OH love how many times did you call me
Took my dreams and went away
Went back to where you came from
And only left me a story and a memory of you
Oh nights how many times did I wrong you
You bring me a stranger and take them back as a precious
And they go away but not from my mind
I feel them through my days and never forget
Love stories and my dreams
I find them everywhere to go
My heart gets taken up to the seventh sky
And then I find it thrown into wounds
And I run away from one hug to hide in another
To find out that I am healing one grief with another
Here I had a story that I sang for
From my heart I was happy at its beginning
And I dreamed that my fate would make it last
But the days turned us down
Here there was an old dream I thought it would last
And at last I'd be happy and be with it
The hug that was stolen
Without a goodbye nor even a bye
From Egypt with love, Tito
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Hekayat El Hob (حكايات الحب)

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