Mohamed AlShehhi - Helem (حلم) (English translation)


Helem (حلم)

كنت في عيوني حلم
وآني من حلمي صحيت
للأسف كل شي انهدم
للأسف انته بديت
بيننا عشرة وسنين
ايه نعم، وعدي لك دين
والوفي له عيوني
طبعنا نترك الشين
كنت له ضيٍ وفي
وكان في عيوني القمر
اللي سميته الوفي
أشرك بحبي وكفر
من غدر ماله رجوع
لو يغرقني دموع
نادم إني عرفتك
وأعترف اني موجوع
انطفى شمع العشق
وابتدا وقت الرحيل
أنا وانته نتفق
لازم نرد الجميل
عز نفسك تعزك
بين ناسك ترزك
صك بابك وردّه
في ويه من يستفزك
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English translation

a dream

you're a dream to my eyes
and I woke up from my dream
unfortunately, everything has fallen apart
unfortunately, you started it
we've been together for years
indeed, my promise to you is a debt
and the faithful can have my eyes
we're used to leave the bad ones
I was a loyal light to him
and he was the moon to my eyes
the one I called loyal
has disbelieved my love
there's no comeback from his betrayal
even if he drowns me in tears
I regret knowing you
and I confess that I'm hurt
the candle of love has been put out
and the time of leaving has started
me and you agree
we have to pay back kindness
appreciate yourself and it will appreciate you
it will glorify you among your people
close your door shut
in the face of the ones who disturb you
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