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Goodbye, Hope lyrics

  • Artist: Helevorn
  • Album: Aamamata

Goodbye, Hope

So long have I tried to stand aside
A noble 'cause, bread of life for all mankind
You've turned your back on me
You've chosen death over being free
Foolish man you can't back down from your pride
It's over, you have taken my all
Six eyes, three necks, broken knees, muted beauty
Ripped from the breast, slit ear to ear
A candle lit for those already gone
There is no chance of coming back
Foolish man you can't back down from your pride
The noose is tied, the hot wind blasts your saddened frown
I give my body to the sea
May the waves crash over me
Privation of all I saw as need
Wretched ingrates, you cannot believe
Cut out, cut off, it burns my lungs
I try to fight but my body stops
It's over, body thrown on the beach
Beaten down, skin stripped clean
With you, become you, bloodthirsty lust for the innocent
Forced to the ranks of evil's grudge
I can't leave now, I am you
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