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From our glorious days lyrics

  • Artist: Helevorn
  • Album: Forthcoming Displeasures (2010)

From our glorious days

Remembering our most glorious days
Recalling worthy exploits of our lineage
After losing and fading our most sacred work,
We had paid all the costs, from our falling time
There are the days they'll wrest everything of this place,
Full of peace and fullness
Days with no light
Glory without gratitude
We are the ones who waited 'Til the end of time
We never asked for another chance in life
We should have known that it probably
Would be our last opportunity
Hold on, oh god, could you take me?
Could you save me? Now it's time to die,
To die where our parents resting
Despite the pleadings, you'll gag me,
But I'll kill you with my tied hands
The end has been withdrawn forever
We are the ones who fought against the fire;
The fire consuming the last nation of light,
The fire is getting across, across our great nation of loss
Now the fire is running like a fluid inside me
No one is able to sing the anthem to our ancestors
We should have known that it
Probably would be our last opportunity
We left the glorious days; now, the wire is around us
We might escape from this tragic place,
Helped by the vengeance
The present is not what they promised
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