Hellfire Summoning Spell (English translation)


Hellfire Summoning Spell

Ater ignis, fusce fume
Te evoco ut potentium tuam monstres
Cupidibus flammis hic veni
Caelo sub isto, harc arborem consumo
Lucem tenebrasque tuas monstra
Impetuum tuum evoco ad devorandum
Hanc arborem ac omnes hospitas devora.
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English translation

Hellfire Summoning Spell

Black fire whose smoke is fulvous,
Thou I summon, so that you show your power,
Hot flames, come hither,
Under this sky, consume that tree,
Reveal thy light and thy darkness,
I evoke thy onslaught so that you devour
That tree and all its guests.
© Vladímir Sosnín
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