Galileo Galilei - Hello Goodbye (ハローグッバイ) (English translation)

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hello goodbye

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im sorry for doing this at this time,
but the night is really long so
i wanted to hear your voice
laugh with that sleepy voice!!
[look, the sparrow crowed]
lets even talk about that.
just walking, walk, get tired, the migratory birds will go flying.
lets also bring the morning together!!
if it hurts this much..*
[look, the rain doesn-t stop]
to the not letting go my hand you this selfish me have to say hello goodbye.
always being the same hurts.
even so we are both in silence
look at the things that began to flow
getting rotten and smiling is...*
[look, the sparrow crowed]
lets talk about anything
to the you who is listening this rotten voice i have to say hello goodbye
i cant reach you anymore but the sparrows voice can be heared.
hello goodbye
is the first time i smash this rotten voice
hello goodbye
i said.
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Author's comments:

i translated everything almost as literal as i could, the two sentences marked with an * doesnt fit the other sentences and it seems like that was what the writer wanted it to be.


Hello Goodbye (ハローグッバイ)

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