Clueso - Herz Boom Boom (English translation)

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Heart Boom Boom

At the moment I try to be weary
To mess up less
But no matter what it is, I'm absent-minded.
My room looks so pallid,
Totally f*cked up and empty.
I know
One's not always doomed
All the time
And the one who thinks for too long
In the end wastes his time.
One is thinking
Thinking rather solves the problems
But no matter how much you drink
Or how many joints you smoke
One only knows that one wastes himself
But stills needs it in the end
Because the moment feels so good
Only afterward does it hurt again
If you're searching for yourself
Listen to your heart, boom boom
If once you're searching for yourself
Listen to your heart boom boom
In case you're searching for yourself
Listen to your heart boom boom
Then simply listen to me
Listen to yourself
Hey, simply listen to you
Come, listen to yourself
The one who knows himself good
Knows what I mean and understands me
Hard to understand, it's seemingly human
It won't go away
Many say to not be able to control oneself
Doesn't work
We might act differently
But still we feel quite the same
I'm rather of the opinion, that I'm not alone with this
One reaches out to the future
But can't put the past into stone
Permanent cursing though good things are meant
As soon as the soul struggles
The body screams like a child
Ohuwow, the time has come
That one reaches the next day nevertheless without light
Concerning broad jump nothing has yet been reached though
One cannot understand the world
Because one's not able to understand oneself even
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Herz Boom Boom

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