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Het daghet in den oosten (English translation)

Dutch (Middle Dutch)
Dutch (Middle Dutch)

Het daghet in den oosten

Het daghet inden Oosten,
het lichtet overal;
hoe luttel weet mijn liefken,
och waer ick henen sal!
‘Och, warent al mijn vrienden
dat mijn vianden zijn,
ick voerde u uuten lande,
mijn lief, mijn minnekijn.
‘Dats waer soudi mi voeren,
stout ridder wel gemeyt?
Ic ligge in myns liefs armkens,
met grooter waerdicheyt.
‘Ligdy in uws liefs armen?
Bilo, ghi en segt niet waer:
gaet henen ter linde groene,
versleghen so leyt hi daer.
Tmeysken nam haren mantel
ende si ghinc eenen ganck
al totter linde groene,
daer si den dooden vant.
‘Och ligdy hier verslaghen
versmoort al in u bloet!
dat heeft gedaen u roemen
ende uwen hooghen moet.
‘Och ligdy hier verslaghen,
die mi te troosten plach!
wat hebdy mi gelaten
so menigen droeven dach.’
Tmeysken nam haren mantel
ende si ghinc eenen ganck
al voor haers vaders poorte,
die si ontsloten vant.
Met sinen blancken swaerde
dat si die aerde op groef,
met haer snee witten armen
ten grave dat si hem droech.
Submitted by florboxflorbox on Fri, 01/07/2022 - 14:11
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It's dawning in the East

Versions: #1#2
"It's dawning in the East,
light is appearing everywhere;
so little does my beloved know
where I do have to go!"
"Ah, would they all be my friends,
that are my enemies,
I would bring you out of the country,
my love, my darling."
"Whither would you bring me,
bold and handsome knight?
I lie in my love's arms,
with greater virtue."
"So you lie in your love's arms?
Verily, your saying is not true:
go hither to the green lime tree,
slain, thus he's lying there."
The maiden took her cloak1
and she went on her way
until the green lime tree,
where she found him dead.
"Ah, here you're lying slain,
smothered in your blood!
that has done your boasting
and your haughty pride."
"Ah, here you're lying slain,
who used to console me!
So what you've left to me,
is many a sad day."
The maiden took her cloak
and she went on her way
to her father's door,
that she found unlocked.2
With his bared sword
she dug up the earth,
with her snow white arms
she bore him to his grave.3
  • 1. token of her virtue
  • 2. Other doors remained locked.
  • 3. No one helped her burying him.
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Non-commercial use is free and welcome.

Submitted by KlaarzinKlaarzin on Fri, 01/07/2022 - 20:52
Author's comments:

Literal translation.

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English Klaarzin
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florboxflorbox    Sat, 02/07/2022 - 04:34

Thank you! Your translation is much more helpful to us who don't know dutch and we want to translate the song using another translation of it. I've already revised mine!

florboxflorbox    Sat, 02/07/2022 - 04:36 was not her father who dig the grave? It was her using her father's sword?

KlaarzinKlaarzin    Sat, 02/07/2022 - 04:50

It was her using her lover's sword. At the house of her father she asked for help, but no one offered any. You can find this in the omitted stanzas of the excellent translation of John Irons.

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