Heta Men El Khayal (حتة من الخيال) (English translation)

  • Artist: Muhammad El-Sharnoubi (محمد الشرنوبي)
  • Song: Heta Men El Khayal (حتة من الخيال) 2 translations
  • Translations: English, German

Heta Men El Khayal (حتة من الخيال)

ده حتة م الخيال
قلبي قال
ده آية في الجمال
ولا داب
و لا مال
ولا قال
و تعبني
و سابني
بسأل مليون سؤال
ماشفتش زيه عين
من سنين
و ده أصلاً جاي منين
وده إيه
و ده مين
و لفين هايخدني يا قلبي
ده أنا حالي والله حال
حقة يتقل طبعاً على قلبي
ده اللي زيه مفيش منه يا قلبي
لو يخبي براحته يخبي
تعبه في قلبي حلال
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She's Out Of This World

She's out of this world
My heart told me she's incredibly beautiful
She isn't falling for me, no signal and not even a word
Been languishing, she left me with a million questions
She should play hard to get
She's one of a kind
If she hides her love, let her hide it
My languish is sweet to my heart
My eyes hasn't seen like her
For years... and where did she come from?
What's that? And who? And where will she take me?
Oh, my heart
I am in disarray
Submitted by Elham MuratElham Murat on Wed, 15/05/2019 - 14:21
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