緋牡丹博徒 (Hibotan bakuto) (English translation)


娘盛(ざか)りを 渡世にかけて
張った体に 緋牡丹燃える
女の 女の 女の意気地(いきじ)
旅の夜空に 恋も散る
鉄火意気地も しょせんは女
濡れた黒髪 緋牡丹ゆれる
女の 女の 女の未練
更けて夜空に 星も散る
男衣裳に 飾っていても
さしたかんざし 緋牡丹化粧
女の 女の 女の運命(さだめ)
捨てた夜空に 一人行(ゆ)く
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Originally recorded by Sumiko Fuji

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Hibotan gambler

Gambling my youth in subsistence
A red Hibotan burns attached to my body
It's the pride of a woman
Love scatters in the traveling night sky
The pride of a gambler is a woman after all
A red Hibotan sways in my black wet hair
It's the lingering attachment of a woman
Stars scatter in the advancing night sky
Even if a man dresses up with clothes
The hairpins I wear are the red Hibotan's makeup
It's the destiny of a woman
I go alone in the abandoned night sky

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