Hikari Furu (ひかりふる) (English translation)

English translation

A light falls

A light
A song like a dream
Wets your cheek
A soft sky
Goes far away
A little heart
Only one
Still a shivering wing
To tomorrow
To missing yesterday
It tied this finger
A tiny promise
Let's come true
The end of time
The day I can meet you
That holds on my heart (rich)
It only becomes prayer
Still growing distant future
If I don't exist everywhere
Into a light that everything shines
I will stay by your side
Too fragile (soon)
A world will disappear
But you are here
I wanted to save you
My eyes close in silent prayer
It will reach out
The ultimate peace
A dazzling morning
A light
A song like a dream
It shines you
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Hikari Furu (ひかりふる)

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