光、再考 (Hikari, saikō) (English translation)

  • Artist: amazarashi (あまざらし)
  • Song: 光、再考 (Hikari, saikō) 8 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, #3, French, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish #1, #2


もし生まれ変わったらなんて言いたくない どうしようもない
僕の人生も長い付き合いの内 愛しくなってくるもんで
ぶつかって 転がって 汗握って 必死こいて
手にしたものは この愛着だけかもな まぁいいか
綺麗な星座の下で 彼女とキスをして
消えたのは 思い出と自殺願望
未来は明るいよ 明るいよ
くしゃみを一つしたら 大勢の鳩が 大空へ飛び立った
どこへ行けばいいんですか 行きたいとこへ勝手に行けよ
何をすればいいんですか 僕は誰に尋ねてるんだろう
何か始めようと震えてる ジャングルジムの影が長くなって
僕は今から出かけるよ ここじゃないどこか
朝彼女が戻って 僕が部屋を出て行く
子供の頃の影踏み遊びを思い出してる 追いかけても
決して掴めない物 まるで蜃気楼 だけど僕は気付いてる
本当は手にしたくなんか無いんだよ ずっと追いかけていたいんだよ
もっと胸を焦がしてよ 死ぬまで走り続けたいんだよ
流れ流れて明日は東へ 出会いと別れを繰り返して
光と陰を股にかけて 泣き笑いを行ったりきたり
そうだよ 大丈夫 大丈夫 皆同じだよ
日が沈みまた昇るように 花が散りまた咲くみたいに
全てはめぐりめぐって 全てがほら元通り
もし生まれ変わったらなんて 二度と言わないで
今君は日陰の中にいるだけ ただそれだけ
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Light, reconsidered

Versions: #1#2#3
I don't want to say things like "if only I could start life over," but I can't help it
Even my life has gone on for too long; it's gotten to be something rather pitiful
I bumped into things, falling over and sweating frantically
The only thing I obtained in return was probably this love, right? But oh well...
It's that kinda light
Sometimes I feel so empty and think that it'd be better if I just disappeared
Some god hung himself in a cheap apartment in Asagaya a long time ago
Beneath the lovely constellations, I kissed my girlfriend
What disappeared in the end were my memories and my desire to kill myself
It's that kinda light
When the morning comes, though it makes me feel depressed, I'm still fond of the blue sky above
Parks are full of children playing around and homeless people sleeping under newspapers
The future is bright, oh, so bright
If I sneeze once, a flock of pigeons takes off towards the heavens
Where the hell should I go? "Just go wherever you feel like!"
What the hell should I do? I wonder... who am I even asking?
I'm shaking at the thought of starting something new; the monkey bars' shadow has gotten rather long
From now on, I'll head towards a new place, anywhere except here
It's that kinda light
At night, when my girlfriend started her part-time job in the red-light district, I'd be left all alone
I didn't feel particularly lonely, but I quickly grew fond of watching TV
In the morning, she'd return to our apartment as I'd be getting ready to leave
I really used to think her innocent smile was lovely
It's that kinda light
I'm reminded of the times when I played tag as a kid; even if I chase after something
I'll never be able to grasp it, just like a mirage; however, I realize it now
The truth is, I don't really want to grasp it; I want to be chasing after it forever
My heart keeps on racing; until I die, I want to keep on running
Tomorrows drift to the East, reliving their encounters and their partings
They travel between light and darkness; they alternate between tears and laughter
That's right; it'll be alright, you'll be alright, everyone's the same
We all go through hard times at some point
It's that kinda light
The sun goes down, like it'll rise again; flowers fall, as if they'll bloom again
Everything goes through a cycle; look! Everything is as it was before
Don't say things like "if only I could start life over" ever again
You're just under a shadow; it'll pass
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