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הינדיק (Hindik) (English translation)

  • Artist: Hanan Ben Ari (חנן בן ארי)
  • Song: הינדיק (Hindik) Album: איזון
English translationEnglish


The son of the king went bananas and lost his mind
He thought he was actually a rooster
He went under the table, gyrated, jumped and cackled
Took off his royal clothes, took everything off
His father's pleas were in vain, also his mom's
The kid just wouldn't get normal
They tried medicines and incantations and even [called] Jemima
But he just kept on going, screaming and yelling:
Hindik ["turkey" in Yiddish], he's afraid to drown in the sea
To get swept away in a wave of kingship mannerisms and table manners
Hindik, doesn't want to live like the rest of them
They don't live life to the fullest
They move in a certain pace
Suddenly a wise man appeared in the palace
Promised: I have a solution
Just please sit aside quietly and don't interfere
This is not normal, this is something crazy
He went under the table, gyrated, jumped and cackled
Took off his clothes, took off his age, took off his mind
The son, that same son who went mad asked him:
Who are you and how much did they pay you?
He told him: I am a hindik...
When the rage and suspicion subsided the son lent him his ear
What do you have to say, hindik? He asked
Then the wise man wore his cloths,
And told him a secret from up high
It is true that you are a hindik, which is not easy at all but
Even as a hindik you can dive to the bottom of the sea
To discover infinity within the end, a person, a place and a time
Hindik, doesn't have to live like the rest of them
You can live life to the fullest
And also to sink in them
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הינדיק (Hindik)

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