Birgit Õigemeel - Hingerahu Paik (English translation)


Hingerahu Paik

Ei osanud teada ja oodata,
Et satun ma paika, kus vaatan ja
Nii lummav on kõik, et hingetuks hetkega jään
Siin lõputu taeva all tunnen ma,
Et olen kui sattunud maailma,
Mis polegi tõeline, unes ma vaid seda näen
Sõbrad mu ümber, rahu mu sees,
Valgus meie südames
Mõnus teadmine, mis ees...
Väike vein, väike naer
Meie üheskoos veedetud aeg
Oli kõik kaunis siin,
Ei sellest paigast tahaks minnagi
Nii palju on öeldud, nii palju on mõeldud
Nii palju on hinge täidetud
Väike vein, väike naer
Me veedetud aeg
Siis päikeseloojangul istudes
Ja enese hinge vaadates
Näen õnne mu sees, vaid parimat enda teel
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English translation

Peace of Soul Place

I didn't know to know and expect
that I'd happened to get to a place where I look around and
all is so enchanting that I get breathless in a flash
Here under the endless sky, I feel
as if I'd happened upon a world
that is not real, I'm just dreaming about it
Friends around me, peace inside me,
light in our hearts
Comfy knowledge 1 [about] what's to come
A bit of wine, a bit of laughter
Our time spent together
all was beautiful here
One would never want to leave this place
A lot has been said, a lot has been thought
A lot [of time has been spent] filling our souls
Little wine, little laughter
Our time had
Here, sitting during sunset
and while looking inside our souls
I see happiness inside me, only the best on my way
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The title could be something like "Place for Peace of Soul"...

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