Maria del Mar Bonet - Per Hipòcrates (English translation)

English translation

A Toast To Hippocrates

I had a sorrow deep within my heart
And I placed my whole body under a doctor's care:
After making sure that everything was in its place,
This is how he shared his conclusions:
"If you want to, you can do
The same that everyone does:
Leave all pleasures aside
So you can die a little sooner."
"Wise men have said
That fish was nefarious,
That olive oil was poisonous
And wine is a mortal sin."
Since the doctor healed me immediately,
The both of us made a toast to Hippocrates
While remembering, with every sip of wine, old songs
From Crete, Alghero and other places.
The wine itself
Was dancing inside the barrels
While making a toast to honour its relatives:
The grapevines that are close to the sea.
The wine from the Penedès
Wanted wine from Arles
And in Dènia, the muscat wine
Asked for retsina wine.
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Per Hipòcrates

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