"His days are numbered"

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"His days are numbered" (English) — when someone knows they will die soon.

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"His days are numbered" — Οι μέρες του είναι μετρημένες/ Είναι στα τελευταία του

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Translations of ""His days are numbered""

Arabicايامه في الدنيا معدودة
Czechuž to máš spočtené
FrenchSes jours sont comptés
Germanseine Tage sind gezählt
ItalianHa i giorni contati
Polishjego dni są policzone
Russianего дни сочтены
TurkishDünyadaki günleri sayılı

""His days are numbered"" in lyrics

nor a date on the calendar when
desires come together

Horse is put out to pasture and his days are numbered
and he leaves in the morning taking little hurried steps
to meet up with the filly that has him tied up in knots<fn>embarbascao: "tied up in knots" Fig. to become anxious or upset</fn>

Roberto Torres - Old Horse

And all I wanted was a word or photograph to keep at home
And all I wanted was a word or photograph to keep

His days are numbered he walks round and round in circles
There is no place he can ever call his own
He seems to jump at the sound of the phone

Madness - Michael Caine

I'd say *beep* *beep* he mentioned me once
No problem, then his days are numbered
Send the Kanak to his homeland, like the AFD!

Bass Sultan Hengzt - AFD (Deportation Anthem)