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Beautiful Story

I want to tell you a love story
Of those we know by heart,
Like so many this life has.
You will meet
Two people like any others,
Two lovers who went and lived
The beautiful story of whoever does good.
In love, with time ahead,
They had caresses burning in hand,
Exchanging the pain of who feel like
A slave to their heart
And in just one body when they hugged,
Kissing the hours with melancholy
The words were never enough
For everything they had in their chests.
Always beautiful in her tenderness,
Gave happiness in the secure manner,
Of those that look to dream of reality.
Had a job on the waves of the sea
Fished the verses of his sailing
And the goodbyes tasted like salt to him.
Goodbye dear as I'm going away,
I'm taking the longing that I'll leave you.
I will remember you into the small hours
Like whoever cries.
The sea is far and our hope is long.
And the words go against the pier.
Goodbye dear I wish
I wouldn't ever again.
And after,
The two married as they were supposed to,
Dreams in their souls smiles on their faces
Like the most beautiful people in the world.
Side by side,
Creating the streets of their day by day
Turning corners that luck brought,
Like we all do deep down.
And so you ask me the reason for the story
So simple like breathing.
You know, love is like a victory
And life is simple to tell.
I learnt to understand better
The importance of the normal things,
It's that I was a child of this love,
The story of my parents.
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Historia linda

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