Herbert Grönemeyer - Halt mich (English translation)

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Hold me

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Take my dreams for real coinage
I'm silent in fantasies
I've entangled myself in you
Don't know, what's going on with me
Warm me with your voice
Put me to rest in your arms
Hold me just a little
until I can fall asleep
I feel safe with you
I've entrusted my heart to you
I want to savor each moment
let it be for ever
With you it's good/easy
Joy in excess
I've selflessly surrendered to you
I find solace with you
I'm beyond myself with joy
I want to slowly sink with you
heedless, carefree, weightlessly lose myself in you
Cover me in tenderness
Take me by storm. The night is short
Peaceful, lovingly, I'm overwhelmed by you
Amazing, that you exist!
Come, tell me anything
Start chatting with me
I want to sate myself with your voice
Always be with you
Fill me with life
Let me be at your side
Hold me, just a little
until I can fall asleep
Hold me till I can fall asleep
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Halt mich

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