Almafuerte - Hombre Peste (English translation)

English translation

Plague man

A mother was crying of distaste-
Because her son was discovered scaping.
The whole family felt sorry for the wound,
of that mother screaming, of why you did that to mommy.
It didn't miss the brutish advice of warning the police.
Cocaine has drug, screamed the italian of the corner.
He smoked weed informed uncle Cose
and after the nighbourhood found out, he was confined.
Talks of worn out, regretful people,
Didn't keep him from scaping, in a clean bound.
By the Leloir park, he came to the west.
And with legal talk, he tested the environment,
finding his match, quickly.
Because for scaping he was born. The plague man.
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Hombre Peste

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