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Ñandubayzal in Entre Ríos
Suburban Gualeguaychú.
Where my wandering found a destiny
Master friend and brother; yes.
A ranch settled near the way
that goes curving to the river.
Passion of saints, I saw a living gaucho
and I came to salute him.
I acquired lots of wealth when I knew him
deep sayings of sharp intuition.
How not to sing to the honor of a horseman
living example of tradition
lost link.
If rule yourself for being who feels
don't let the fear beat you.
Many go to other countries
looking for a guru or something.
If you find him remind him
that I sing to him with all my voice
and this guitar in the sun pretends
to tell you friend I'm with you
Augusto Romero I go to you.
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Author's comments:

The homage is for Augusto Romero, a gaucho payador who Ricardo Iorio met



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