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With murmur* and buzz*
new day begins resounding*,
with the whisper of sunrays,
with the raisin of a smile
And may the night go
May it go now
Behind the window, there is a new beginning
Morning begins with light,
with crunchy* sounds of darkness
It retreats
And may the day come to the earth
Fall asleep, dear, if the day is so long
When restless dusk has arrived
Send the thoughts to their beds
so that everything could
begin again
In the darkness, it began to thunder
In the morning, the sun will be in the sky
A mirror will get a new shine
and I'll be tiny again
And all-all is ahead,
all is just beginning
Let sadness be simply
Live on earth only till morning
Then life begins anew
Yesterday's stupidity has ended
Enjoy the moments till the end
You can live only till the morning
Then new life begins
Yesterday's love has ended
When you wake up you get a new day,
a new wonder with new might
open your eyes then you'll see, just look
or touch with your hand
It really is the beginning of birr*-fizz* laughter
and rustle**
It's the beginning of murmur* and resound*, of a buzzing* day
It's the beginning of a beginning of a beginning of a beginning
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Author's comments:

If you are good at English onomatopoeia*, would you contact me because this song is full of them and needs help?

It is very bad.... Right now, the best thing one can say is that there are some sounds but the fact, that the ones in the translation are misleading, should be noted.

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