Bo Kaspers Orkester - Hon är så söt (English translation)

English translation

She's so cute

She's so cute* when she sleeps
I haven't gotten a wink myself
It is the best of gifts
To be able to sleep in peace
She's so cute when she awakens
When she stretches like a cat
And says that she now misses
What she dreamt about last night
She's so cute when she blushes
When her cheeks quickly change colour
So cute when she asks
If I can imagine
She's so cute when she says,
"I think I'll stay in bed all day"
When she says the best thing about me is
That I'm made the same way**
But I've begun to contemplate
This feels almost entirely too good
It's never going to work
That's how it usually is, eh?
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Author's comments:

* "Söt" can translate as both "sweet" and "cute", depending on the sense in which it's used. In this case, it's interchangeable.

** "Likadan" is "similar" or "alike", in the sense that something is manufactured. It's not wholly correct to use it regularly in a line such as this, but the singer is being poetic, i.e. they are "made of the same fabric" or "cut from the same stone". In this case, the singer means that the girl says he is just like her.


Hon är så söt

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