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Hot love

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Take us now
Hot love
Will take us now
Hot love
Hot love touching my heart
Sweet melody, ecstasy
You're so hot, so bold, so straight foward to me
You spin me around, make me crazy, make me live
The desire I carry and I want to feel
That fire that's starting to turn up
Through your body and mine and every corner
You go through me, even rip out my heart
I'm losing control and I dare all
You're my sun, my volcano, my reason to live
With one look I'm yours
My sand, my sea, my spot in Hawaii
The first thing I dream of when you leave
Hey, you, so bold, you facinate me, I want more
Give me fire, I need some of your body, now!
Come here, come on, come on, I want more
Gimme hot love, baby
Gimme hot love
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Hot Love

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