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Hotel Supramonte

And if you go to the Hotel Supramonte and watch the sky
You will see a woman on fire and one man alone
And a letter true at night, wrong at day
And excuses and excuses and accusations of no return
And now you travel, laugh, live, or you are lost
With your order discreetly into the heart
But where, where is your love?
But where is it your love?
Thank goodness I have a mouth to drink and it is not easy
Thanks to you I have a boat to be written, I have a train to lose
And an invitation to the Supramonte Hotel, where I saw the snow
On your body, so'sweet with hunger, so sweet with thirst
This station will also not hurt
This light rain will pass as the pain passes
But where, where is your heart?
But where is it your heart?
And now I sit on the bed of the forest that now has your name
Now it's the time a man distracted is a sleeping child
But if you wake up and still have a fear Give me back your hand
What does it matter if I fell, if I'm away
Because tomorrow will be a long day and without words
Bbecause tomorrow will be an uncertain day of clouds sun
But where, where is your love?
But where is it your love?
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Hotel Supramonte

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