Bratři Ebenové - Hotely (English translation)

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The hotel’s reception is covered with tiles
any moment some want to take their lives
when suicidal holidaymakers arrive
at once few fall down onto a ground
the clerk doesn’t have time to mess around
everybody has to enrol before they die
Ostrava guards the hotel Palas
guests dive into air shafts, alas
a chandelier enlightens: 25 watts
some visitors ask for spare cords
the room is drowning in gloom
before killing thee return the key
None can stand the room’s impression
the pillows are stuffed with depression
whilst the bar downstairs joyfully lives
the room is shrouded in sedatives
either lying down or standing upright
you have paid just for one night /they’ll carry you out by the morning light
Each hotel respects social conventions
and throws out anyone who abandons
those thinking of self-murders
must follow the hotel’s orders
stated clearly in multilingual directives
take a bath if you’re to slash your wrists
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