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Hothead (English) — Someone who gets angry, impulsive aggressive and combative very easily.
Most of the times it is very difficult to calm this type of person down.

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Translations of "Hothead"

FrenchSoupe au lait
ItalianTesta calda

"Hothead" in lyrics

Then, my friend, my name isn't Vasilis

I have been told that she thinks
That I overreacted like a hothead
And if I think about it being calm,
I'll change my judgement

Vasilis Karras - Get well soon

cut down roughly,
Hel touched me.
A winged danger,
I saw the hothead.
His name was mentioned,
now I will avenge myself on him.

Skálmöld - The Attack

where I used to write your name
that I loved you forever

Hey you hothead
why do you have such a cold heart
I don't want you to ever find out

Marija Šerifović - Lie

awoken grass snake-
fucked up fanatic-
caught hothead-
reborn moulded man-

Furia - Possessed man

You know, I’m just so delighted by your family’s bad luck
A curse would be useless, you already suck
First daddy went mad, then you killed your own mother
Hothead brother was murdered by the husband you smothered


Whitney Avalon - Maleficent VS Daenerys

Try to bring me down
With your wild imagination
You can't even be the one of my ennemies
Ignorant hothead
It's a misspelling
What the fuck is "Fack You" ?

SIM - Blah Blah Blah

It really wasn't anything like Argentina,
Me and a friend got caught up in the fever,
They tossed us right out of the pub, with that hothead,
Left with black eyes and bumps on our foreheads.

Arkadiy Severnyi - On Deribasovskaya