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放課後えすけいぷ (Houkago Escape) (English translation)

  • Artist: Sayonara Ponytail (さよならポニーテール)
  • Song: 放課後えすけいぷ (Houkago Escape) Album: 円盤ゆ~とぴあ (Enban Utopia)
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悲しみならsay goodbye!しちゃってさ こっちおいでよ
夜空に浮かんで 輝く星から
ロケット飛び乗って ひとっ飛び45分
それならround the world僕と一緒に ついてきて
果てしない宇宙の 端から端まで
ロケットを跨いで 月面ソフトランディング
うっかりこぼした退屈 それを慌てて拾う現実
ないない無い物ねだりの 君と僕はなんか悲しすぎる
AtoZ BtoB わからん事ばっか並べて笑って
宇宙旅行計画 君とどこまでも逃避行しちゃって
夜空に浮かんで 輝く星たち
ロケット飛び乗って 羽田から45分
果てしない宇宙の 端から端まで
ロケットを跨いで 気ままにshooting star
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Afterschool Escape

What were you worried about until yesterday?
If you’re feeling down, say goodbye and get over here!
The new world overflowed with strangers
and I wanted to go home just a little
But if there's a laptop and wi-fi
we can even go beyond space
Aren’t those shining stars in the night sky
where our ancestors came from?
Jump on the rocket and in a 45-minute flight,
we can return again to the town where you live
If you have a boring life, why not just quit it?
If you do, come along round the world with me
If everything was strange, if something was missing,
would it be ok to be just a little scared?
But if we have wi-fi
we can always stay connected
From end to end in the endless cosmos,
I want to conquer the entire dungeon
Straddle the rocket and make a soft landing on the moon
If I’m with you, we can come back again whenever
In reality I hurry to gather the boredom I carelessly let out
There’s no way I can get it all, you and I are just too dejected
A to Z, B to B; I usually laugh at all the things I don’t get
In my plans for interstellar travel, I’ll totally escape with you to wherever
Those shining stars in the night sky,
is where our future begins
Jump on the rocket; 45 minutes from Haneda1,
the star where you live is surprisingly close!
From end to end in the endless cosmos,
I want to be a great person who scatters stardust
Straddle the rocket; a free-spirited shooting star
If I'm with you, even a day like this isn’t so bad
  • 1. a district in Tokyo's Ōta ward.
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Author's comments:

The rap section (third-last stanza) was a bit tricky so it's somewhat more interpretive than the rest.

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