Amancio Prada - Hoy No Me Levanto Yo (English translation)

  • Artist: Amancio Prada (Amancio Prada Prada)
  • Also performed by: Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio
  • Album: Hasta Otro Día (A Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio) [2005]
  • Song: Hoy No Me Levanto Yo
English translation

I don't get up today

There's one thing for sure:
I don't get up today!
I have sheets and blankets,
a good pillow and a good matress,
I have tobaco and matches
and good imagination
and here in my bed I've come
to the clear conclusion,
that whatever happens,
I don't get up today!
Near the noon
come into my room
my wife and my sister-in-law
and my oldest daughter
and my mother-in-law with her sister
who's here now as guest
and confirms my plan
to confirm their irritation
everytime I repeat
that I don't get up today!
Everyone talking in their time
demand a reason,
I feel no pain
neither any unease,
the kid didn't woke me up,
I slept in one go,
I digested well the fabada, 1
nightmares, no sir,
but here I'm in the glory
and I don't get up today!
My wife told me off
with patience and love
my mother-in-law harsher,
my daughter dissapeared
and brought me a tea with milk
and some ham slices.
I drank the tea with milk,
I was happy and I said, no!
leave me because it's impossible
I don't get up today!
Finally I told them, even they come
government and opposition,
the TV and the press
and the council in procession,
cops and sheriffs
sent by the Government
and the very communists
expel me,
even if God and the Devil come,
I don't get up today!
Today one borns with the fate
of acting for acting;
people goes furious
and don't stop to think
that sometimes one can skip
the act of getting up
and even if you are not needed
they come to rummage you,
if it's up to me, they can sing the mass,
I'm not going to get up!
  • 1. Spanish bean stew
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Hoy No Me Levanto Yo