Alejandro Fernández - Hoy tengo ganas de ti (English translation)

English translation

i want you

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You were a passing bird and i don't know for what reason
I got used every day more to you
The two of us invented the adventure of love
you filled my life, and then I saw you leaving
without saying goodbye I saw you leaving
i want to find my way in your arms
and i want you to feel like a woman only with me
Today I want you, today I want you
In your lips i want to the thirst of my soul
and we together find the love every morning
today I want you, today I want you
Nothing is more sad than silence and pain
nothing is more bitter than to know that I lost you
Today I searched in the night the sound of your voice
and where are you hiding to fill with me
fill me with you, fill me with you
Submitted by szabrinajade.undi on Mon, 02/09/2013 - 21:39

Hoy tengo ganas de ti

una de dos piedras    Fri, 11/07/2014 - 20:20

This translation is unnecessary. Yorsh has already provided an accurate and complete translation. Your translation is not an improvement on his; in fact it is much worse because it contains errors. For example, "buscar" doesn't mean find; it means search for. The line, "in your lips I want to the thirst of my soul" is missing a word and thus is not an English sentence. As it stands it s unintelligible. "Find the love every morning" is not English. No native speaker would ever, ever say or write such a thing. I searched in the night the sound of your voice also isn't proper English. You must say "searched for." Your rendering of "donde te escondes" makes it sound like a question; it isn't. "To fill with me" is both inaccurate and makes no sense. The Spanish makes clear that it ought to be "to fill you with me. And so on.

Yours violates the guidelines and should be deleted.