Hulkoff - Kurgan

  • Artist: Hulkoff ( Hulkoff)
  • Album: Kven


Lo1 of the Northeast realm
Tooth for totem, and beast for helm
Descendants of the last Neanderthal
Climbed our fathers the cliffs of the mountains of Ural
Their blades were bronzen2, long and never dull
Bound for hides and for the taking of skulls
Through the centuries we have endured
On the path of the hunter, that prepare3 us for war
We take trophies off the dead
So be careful not to lose your precious head
This is ancient holy ground
By the Kurgan mound
With Scythian recurves upon dragon wings
The red-haired asket brought the line of kings
Sarmatian mothers nurtured royal blood
And in Kainuu their children ascended to gods
Thules4 winter branded eye and skin
Thiassis' eyes watched over Etunaz kin
Chud and Saka became Vinoviloth
The Cwenas, Winnili, the Sachs and the Goth
  • 1. Old English exclamation, meaning „behold!”
  • 2. Made out of bronze
  • 3. sic
  • 4. Thule was a Roman designation for the parts in the Far North, eventually Ultima Thule designating Greenland
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