a hum de calhaus

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a hum de calhaus (Occitan) — Literally, "to smoke pebbles," or "to make pebbles smoke." To go full speed; at top speed.

The idea behind the idiom is that one is going so fast that the pebbles beneath one's feet begin to smoke.

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a hum de calhaus — A tota velocitat.

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Translations of "a hum de calhaus"

Turkish (Middle Turkic)Tozu dumana katmak

"a hum de calhaus" in lyrics

Minorities in enclosures[fn]e.g. in the Val d’Aran, which was rather isolated until the latter half of the 20th century.[/fn]
At the close of day they shine
When lives are tamed
Quick as lightning, they flutter away.[fn]”a hum de calhaus” literally means “at the smoke of pebbles” with the idea that something is leaving so quickly that the stones under their feet start to smoke.[/fn]

(Take the megaphone,

André Minvielle - Esperanza the Aranesa

Minoritats en barralhas
A boca de nueit arrajan
Quan las vitas s’acabalhan
A hum de calhaus parpalhan.

André Minvielle - Esperanza l'aranesa