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Huma Kuşu (Hino ao Sol) (English translation)

  • Artist: Devrim Kaya
  • Song: Huma Kuşu (Hino ao Sol)

Huma Kuşu (Hino ao Sol)

Yar yarim, sen ağlama, ıslanır, ahhh
Ben ağlayım ki, belki gönül uslanır, uslanır
Yar, gülüm ey eğlen, eğlen, eğlen
Belki gönül uslanır
Oğlum, sen bağ ol ki ben bah,
Yar yarim çende gül olim
Huma kuşu yüksek, ahh
Layık mıdır, yanim yanim kül olim, kül olim
Ben kapında kül olim
Koy desinler
Bu da bunun kuludur, kuludur
Yar, gülüm eylen, eylen, eylen, eylen
Kirpiklerin, bu da bunun kuludur
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My darling, don't cry,
it gets wet, ahhh
I'll cry so maybe
the heart will calm down
Darling, sweetheart
don't be sad, don't be sad
Maybe the heart will
calm down
My son, be the vineyard and I'm
the orchard
Huma bird *
is high up there
Is it worthy of
burning to ashes,
to ashes
Put my ashes at your door, let them say
this is her servant, her servant
Darling, sweetheart
don't be sad, don't be sad
Your eyelashes,
İ worship that too
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Author's comments:

*a phoenix-like bird believed to bring good luck

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