Humble abode

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Humble abode (English) — Small house

English, explained by Safyra on Wed, 16/05/2018 - 14:09

Humble abode — umile, modesta casa.

Italian, explained by MichaelNa on Wed, 16/05/2018 - 14:25

"Humble abode" in lyrics

Or to buy a wallet made of ostrich leather
I only want you to imagine
That Maffio's wife is you
I bring you to my humble abode
Where in the refrigerator there is only water
I have no Ferrari

Maffio - I Have No Money

Make haste, I feel your heartbeat
With new taste for speed
Out on the street
Find a road to a humble abode
Where both of our routes meet
The silver sound is all around

Owl City - Rainbow veins

What blame do I have if I didn't open that door
It was his mother that wanted me to come inside

I went up the stairs of the humble abode
With his mother with her arms around me
Lying on that bed I saw my friend José

El Canto del Loco - José's Mother