hustle and bustle

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hustle and bustle (English) — A large amount of activity and work, usually in a noisy surrounding

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"hustle and bustle" in lyrics

An eyesore holiday, a gentle constitution
Forgive me just now for my language
The hectic passage of time
I fly past the hustle and bustle in the city
If only I could pass by just a little more, to you

L’Arc-en-ciel - An Invitation To Freedom

I’m going through stages
Like roaming through pages
Not a person to miss me
That’s when I let go of the daily hustle and bustle
After all, if you take a look around you, your present self will be there, projected in the distance

One OK Rock - Ending Story??

I want a new searching to be alive

I’m silent and I’m empty from love. I want hustle and bustle

My house is greenhouse of jasmine. I want a new smell and color

Ebi - Searching

The children's playing cheers grandma up
Memories flood to mind, time disappears
A spruce smells, many candles twinkle,
The cabin is full of hustle and bustle

Hey grandma, how are you doing there?

Suvi Teräsniska - Hey Grandma

and at the same time deny it.
He contradicted himself all the time;
and apparently they found it agile
and then they called this hustle and bustle
pompously dialectic.

Wise Guys - The (drunk) Philosophers

It was all a fleeting desire
Of your heart I see
Deranged in the hustle and bustle
Where indifference is born
My faith will die

Alfredo Marceneiro - Love is Water Running

I need just a little - you just take a sip
You know, between us run electric currents.
It seemed liked I couldn't, but now I love stronger.
Leave the hustle and bustle and silhouettes on the wall!

We really are friends, apart we go crazy.

Elena Temnikova - Warmth

From my place we go directly to the club
Attitude and mini Hollywood style
Hustle and bustle in the club, girls burn like a volcano
I just got in and I see Pacha Man at the table
Surrounded by lots of bottles , lots of women, pipes

Alex Velea - It’s super cool

Shining down from the sky, the moon is all we need to light our way.
Our steps lead us away, little by little muffling
The overriding racket of the hustle and bustle of the cities.

La Belle Bleue - Gutter Cat

But among all the cities,
the most lovely and jolly - really-
is the great Milan with its <cite>hustle and bustle</cite>.

Strolling around Milan,

Remo Turchi - Strolling Around Milan

That hot summer
I'm living it again

Far from the hustle and bustle
I just want to see life
Live all that beauty

Jonne Aaron - The dragonfly's flight

I only need a little bit, just a sip of you!
You can feel it too, the electricity between us.
I thought I couldn't love you more, but I do.
Let's leave behind the hustle and bustle and the shadows on the wall!

We are truly going crazy for each other,

Elena Temnikova - Warmth

that the Pawnshop
his home was
he drank not a little and smokes too much
and smiled friendly in the hustle and bustle
until the last
had gone around five

Rosenstolz - i get dressed (and slowly go out)

With my absence slowly
Wasn't I expected
Did I make your heart exhausted
Among all the hustle and bustle

Metin Özülkü - Was I Forgotten

And curses for the kids

You were the personality
Of the hustle and bustle of your town
You were for laughs
You were an old man, you were black.

Silvio Rodríguez - The Kite

In no hurry, our thoughts will leave a mark,
Covering the light with the night's writing.
Everyone's numbers are out of range,
And the hustle and bustle has quieted.

The night doesn't let go, the night doesn't let go.

Elena Temnikova - The City's Impulses

The hustle and bustle disappears
The night is coming closer
Only a dog is still barking
Maybe it already knows that
My fate will change today

Grzegorz Hyży - Against the wind

But the dragon continues to devour the forest
and the ones who inhabit this forest, where will they move to?
runs Indian, rubber tapper, sloth, anteater
turtle: light foot, hustle and bustle Kamaiurá tribe

Where there was forest, today there is persecution

Vital Farias - Amazon Saga

With a wave
Behind that wall
Is where all
The hustle and bustle remains!


Olga Romanovskaya - Raspberries are not Enough for Me

Rhythm etched in the hustle and bustle, my daily Style comes alive
Vivid heels dance, always, a world of seeking distractions

I made sure it had to be this, with multicolored glimmers
A 360° me, sharp-dressed and stepping out, Go my way

Rei Yasuda - Signal

Which one of them is twice as close?

One more day to survive in this hustle and bustle.
Be on the high, that's not the limit.
So those, who hated us the whole day

Mot - Dallas Malevolent Club

She smiled at me and passed me by
That's when I fell for her
People all around me, hustle and bustle of the city
And I'm looking everywhere for her, her

Udo Jürgens - Seventeen years, blond hair

Whether nude or high-necked
Whether barefooted or in rubber-flippers
There's a colorful hustle and bustle on the white beach
Tanned bodies rubbing against each other

UKW - Freckles

I don't count hours nor years
It's the life that passes, not me.
In the hustle and bustle of the days, in the sea of dates,
I leave my own mark,
My own mark.

Andrzej Rybiński - I don't count hours nor years

Tonight, we'll have a blast on the coast
and drink up all the beers together.

We'll leave from the hustle and bustle of the city
for a night never before experienced by the man.
Tonight, Kilaedonis will be jealous about

Giannis Nikolaou - I'm thinking that we shouldn't sleep tonight

Verse 1:
We'll run away from unneeded hustle and bustle.
We did it.
We won't be able to breathe calmly anyways.

Artem Uglyarov - Along the Oncoming Lane


It seems to me precisely the city that suits us.
All the hustle and bustle, the trimmings.


Wicked (musical) - Only One Day

I remember how I used to think
That everything was nice
what a splendour
The summers are hot and endless long
Of cold winters we were not afraid
I feel chill in my heart

X!NK - The Other Side

(say it with a, say it with a)

It's like a stage without a crowd
That loneliness, silent hustle and bustle
Time will remember, time will remember, within the heart
All I wanna do, All I wanna do, Is say I care

Christopher - Heartbeat

like a ghost that gazes on the mirror.
I'll be standing there every morning,
hoping to find you gain at the crack of dawn.
Within Athens downtown, on the hustle and bustle,
searching for a ship that holds a fiesta.

Filippos Pliatsikas - A cruise for Paradise

Fire burns in our round dance
Water, dance to the music
Flare up in our hustle and bustle
Join in our song
Now is the time of the summer nights

Oonagh - Time of the Summer Nights