i don't buy it

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i don't buy it (English) — yemezler

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"i don't buy it" in lyrics

I don't buy it anymore
You turned my life upside down
Wake up said to myself
Roll the dices
Don't mind the others
Am I an idiot?

Nil Karaibrahimgil - Am I an idiot?

Some people say
That oysters make you come on strong,
But I don't buy it,
I don't believe my diet turns me on.
Won't take no pills,

Katie Melua - My aphrodisiac is you

To try to win a heart with flowers, oh no, oh no
You think your thoughts are so special
But you bumped into me, so intentional
And I don't buy it all, you need to know
I told you so, now leave me alone

RAYE - Flowers

I am tired, I am bored of running after you
I don’t care my dear; taboo or sin... I don’t buy it
Let me talk as much as I want
Don’t push it my dear, I will stay away from you
There is not a single decent man among you
I’ve never understood your ways

Duman - It is too late

What do you want?
I'm the same (what a stubborn brat)
No, I don't buy it
I'm the same
You're a wimp, show that you dare

Hercules (OST) - I'm The Same As Before

Don’t have to be the prettiest
If you have the mind
And willingness
No one stops a girl who knows what she’s got
No reason why
I can’t help following with my eyes

Jimmy Eat World - Stop

He finally gets here I'm waitin' for him to ask me
why there's a frown on my face He orders a
cold beer he has an excuse about his car
breakin' down but I don't buy it
You're givin' me somethin' I don't need anymore
Just gimme the word and I'll be slammin' the door

Alanis Morissette - Walk Away

Let me show you
I wanna know you
Don't be afraid
I don't buy it unless you want it
And so I'll wait till I am invited
So feel my game

Gareth Gates - Groove With Me

I love you
I love you

This bed - I don't buy it for you
This bed – it is too soft for you
Surely the kitchen floor fits you better

And One - Dead tulips

So, where did you sleep the night before?
I doubt that your phone was dying.
I'm supposed to believe that was what you wore?
Said you were alone, I don't buy it.

Now I can't stay surrounded by

My Darkest Days - Every Lie

Holds you down but you know
You've gotta break through

You can't kill me with kindness, no I don't buy it
Strip down, show your flesh and bone
'Cause now I own you

Shinedown - I Own You

Now listen, cause I’ve got something to say
You better listen, I won’t play this game
Let’s go our separate ways, we’ve been stuck in a maze
You better listen, we gotta get out some way

Your loving is nowhere close to enough

Anthi Pashi - You Gotta Go

Time you started thinking 'bout things in the back of your head
Someone said, before you turn a blind eye
Hear a bell ring, sex sells everything
But I don't buy it, so don't try it
Sleeping in the small world, head in the sand
Better wash your hands, make a new plan

Natalie Imbruglia - Don't You Think