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    Love in Portofino

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Love In Portofino

I found my love in Portofino
Because in dreams I still believe
That the strange game of destiny
In Portofino, took my heart away
In the sweet morning charm
The sea brought you to me
Half-close your eyes
And to me close
In Portofino
I see you again
I remember an angle of sky
Where I waited for you
I remember the beloved past
And your mouth to kiss
I found my love in Portofino
Those kisses I won't forget anymore
My path is not sad anymore
In Portofino I found my love
There were in Portofino
An old bell tower man who was bored
That he only rang the matins
When Portofino
But one day, after that divine night
We heard it ringing
Even in the neighbouring towns
of Portofino
For our love
I see the bridegroom taking me
Towards the small wooden chalet
Whose door he gets me through
Carrying me in his arms
Each time when in Portofino
The old bell tower man rings upstairs
He sings our wedding
Towards the clouds
In Portofino
I found my love
I found my love
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Love in Portofino

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