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I love...

Since I started to see you in the scenaries I see
My world has changed drastically
I could manage my days like everyone else
But those days are gone because of this mysterious, irresistable gravity
I love... I just whisper and stop
I love I love... Happened so many times
In amidst of growing love and affections
You shine radiantly
It's just like a paint color melting into a water tank, so irregular
I couldn't have noticed such vivid colors without you
You tell me this is nothing special
Please let me complete my sentence, I love...
Sometimes i don't understand you see and smile at something I don't notice
I can't help feeling inferior
You are so beautiful that makes me dizzy
I love I love... imperfect connections
I love I love.... Trying to find them without having any clue
I love your love.... Some connections get loose, some get stronger
That's what I repeat in life
The milky way that is decorated with replicas
In the darkness that is made with curtains
There is no person who will care about me in this grey city
I love... Cherishing the proof of love
Rather than sharing everything about joy, sadnes and this endless feelings between us
I want us to figure out and accept how we are
Feeling mutual love
Feeling mixed emotions
Which happened in a span of a blink
The present you gave me is this unexpectedly kind world
I couldn't have noticed such precious light without you
You tell me this is nothing special
Please let me complete my sentence, I love...
We continue to exchange
The night is falling
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