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Ημέρα νίκης (I Mera Nikis) (English translation)

  • Artist: Alexandros Tsopozidis (Αλέξανδρος Τσοποζίδης)
  • Song: Ημέρα νίκης (I Mera Nikis)
  • Translations: English, Russian
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Ημέρα νίκης

Ημέρα νίκης ήσουν τόσο μακριά
Σαν το κάρβουνο που καιγόταν στη φωτιά.
Τα χιλιόμετρα χαμένα της ζωής.
Αυτή τη μέρα πλησιάσαμε εμείς.
Αυτή ημέρα νίκης, της πυρκαγιάς η μυρωδιά
Εν γιορτή μας με τα γκρίζα τα μαλλιά.
Εν χαρά μας με τα δάκρυα πολλά.
Ημέρα νίκης, ημέρα νίκης, ημέρα νίκης!
Μέρα νύχτα απομακρύνονταν εχθροί,
Η πατρίδα αγρυπνούσε πιο πολύ.
Μέρα νύχτα μάχη δύσκολη ζωής,
Αυτή τη μέρα πλησιάσαμε εμείς.
Γεια σου, μάνα! Δεν επιστρέψαμε πολλοί,
Έγινε γκρίζο το μακρύ μου το μαλλί.
Μισή Ευρώπη περιπάτησε ο νικητής,
Αυτή τη μέρα πλησιάσαμε εμείς.
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Victory Day

Oh, Victory Day, you were so far away
Like coal burning in the fire.
Years of life wasted.
We moved one step closer to the Day.
This Victory Day, the smell of blazing fire
In our celebration, with grey hair.
In our joy, full of tears.
Victory Day, Victory Day, Victory Day!
Day and night our enemy withdrew
Our homeland kept its guard up.
Day and night, through the bitter fight for survival,
We moved one step closer to the Day.
Hello, mum! Not many of us have returned,
My hair has grown long and grey.
As a victor marching through half of Europe,
We moved one step closer to the Day.
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Author's comments:

I've considered the translation of "Αυτή τη μέρα πλησιάσαμε εμείς." and I'm still not 100% happy with it. Literally it's "We approached this Day," but that doesn't seem impactful enough. I went with my translation to convey the perfective aspect of the verb - it shows that there is a decisive move towards Victory Day - but it also suggests that the progress was limited. Although this works in the beginning, it doesn't work so well at the end.

I also considered making "Αυτή τη μέρα" the subject of the verb, so "The Day drew closer" or something like that, but that detracts from the effort and toil that went into the "μάχη δύσκολη ζωής." If anyone has any suggestions about this, or other general corrections, please let me know!

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