Peter Igelhoff - Ich kann sie so gut leiden (English translation)

English translation

I really like her

Right now in my house, below on the ground floor,
There's been a girl living here for 8 days.
She's enchanting and beautiful.
Yesterday she went out, I ran after her,
My heart began to beat like crazy.
Eventually I was stood laughing by her side.
Then she asked with astonishment:
"What do you want from me?"
I said to her whilst gasping for breath:
"I really like you,
And you're single right now.
So, how would it be if we both
Met tonight in the moonlight?"
"I don't want to mislead you,
I could never think of such a thing.
I just want to chaperone you,
Tonight in the moonlight."
"I'd like to go through the streets,
And stare deep into your eyes.
And when we ended by your house,
The night still wouldn't be over."
"Because then I'd kiss your,
And you'd no longer say "No",
Because you also needa kiss me,
Tonight in the moonlight."
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Ich kann sie so gut leiden