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zeven lyrics

  • Artist: iamamiwhoami (Jonna Lee)
  • Album: be here soon


Go on spit it out it’s nearly zeven
Out under open skies I’m barely hidden
Paving my way through dusty beaches
Burying our memories so start the digging
Six, zeven, nine
Gotta synchronise
Control each moment in time
High roller I
Don’t look for signs
Though they’re everywhere
Go on spit it out it’s deadly venom
I’ve got a severed tongue and a razor sharp vision
Paying my way with rocks and leeches
Making new enemies so start the hitting
One two three four five six zeven
Six five four three two one vision
One now undone, did you miss me
Empty pockets, full of ambition
Go on spit it out it’s nearly zeven
I’m out under open skies panic stricken
Six zeven nine gotta roll the dice
I’m your girl, I’m your girl
Walking the line
Your slayer bride
Violently tired
I’m tired of giving them all my cred
Submitted by RinaKRinaK on 2022-08-11


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