Revolverheld - Ich werd die Welt verändern (English translation)

English translation

I will change the world

I know thsoe days
For years it's been enough
And its almost as if
I like to fight myself
I cant be well alone
And among people I start going crazy
I can ask myself way too many questions
But I cant see the solutions clearly
But someday it will all come to an end
And I will start celebrating my life
I will change the world
Will make everything better at last
Will start coping again
And laugh about myself
And I know that someday
Good can come out of evil
And when nothing at all is going
I simply start over from scratch
Maybe I should just count the days
I have to suffer through annoying hours of pain
No matter how long that goes on
Cause I know who will stand at the end
I will stop losing
Will throw away everyone
I'm just going to copy myself
I will change the world
Will simply change the rules
And gladly go back home
And above all decompress
Submitted by DRWBTF on Sun, 09/05/2010 - 05:38

Ich werd die Welt verändern

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